I would like to explain how this came to fruition. Hubby and I were having a discussion about the old days, (for the young’ens reading this..a little history lesson) but before the dark age. When Sundays were special and had traditions and rituals. Sunday mornings Church, come home to a big gravy (sauce) cooking on the stove, a big Sunday dinner, then either off to visit relatives/friends or wait for relatives/friends to drop by. We would spend the afternoon sitting around the table, talking, catching up, having coffee, pizza, calzones, etc etc, dessert. And now, how sad, all those traditions are gone. And then I got to thinking, why not have something similar here on my blog. This past year, I have met so many amazing and wonderful people (some I now call friends) through blogging, and how I am in awe of what they do and accomplish. How much respect I have for them, for their honesty, integrity, credibility and so enjoy when a bit of their personality shines through. So every Sunday, here at my place, the coffee will be on, the dessert is on the table and friends will be stopping by. And I will be rolling out the red carpet for my Sunday Shining Star Blogger guest.

Like I mentioned last week, I don’t read the answers from the questionnaires until I draft up the post, and to be honest I can’t wait to read and get to know more about today’s guest.  I met today’s Star a few months ago and she amazes me.  She has a family, works full time and can read 3-5 books in a week!!!  Either she doesn’t sleep or I want the name of the Vitamin she takes every morning lol. So let’s welcome today’s Sunday’s Shining Star, BEV from MY READER’S BLOCK - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more 
*When and why did you start blogging?

I started blogging in April 2010. A friend of mine mentioned that he had a blog and also that I should check out his daughter’s blog. I did and then started snooping around the blogosphere and found a whole bunch of book blogs. I decided it would be a great way for me to keep track of my reading–log the books and actually review them so maybe my aging brain might better remember what I read. The main point was a personal reading journal.

*How and what made you decide on the name of your blog?
Well, I’m a reader and a wanna-be writer (first draft of a mystery novel done…but needs lots of work), so I was looking to do a play on “writer’s block” while also indicating that I was reviewing the books (putting them on the chopping block, so to speak). I planned to call it just “Reader’s Block” but some guy had already claimed it. What’s really irksome is that he claimed it, posted like 2 or 3 times several years ago and then abandoned it. So, I stuck a “My” on it. Ta-da!

*What would you say is the main content of your blog?
Reviews. And challenge-related posts. Can’t forget the challenges. Afterall, I am a Challenge Addict and proud of it!

*If books, what genres do you mostly read?
My first love is mysteries–particularly vintage mysteries. I’ve loved them since my mom gave me her 1950s set of Nancy Drew books (5-6books). I had a long affair with science fiction from about 12 years old through college and a brief flirtation with romance novels, but in the end I come back to mysteries. After mysteries, my second long-lasting love is classics 18th Century through WWII and mainly British. Not a big American Lit girl and a more modern novel really has to grab my attention for me to read it.

*How often do you post?
At least once a day and often as many as three times a day.

*What are some of the things that you love about blogging?
1. Keeping track of what I read in more definite way. I actually knew how many books I read in 2010. I never had a number before. This also makes my husband happy because he’s a numbers man and loves it when I can give him number data of any sort.

2. Meeting so many lovely people out here in the blogospher. It’s nice to know I’m not the only crazy book lady who’s addicted to challenges. LOL. But, seriously, I have made so many great virtual friends. It’s better than any pen pal system I’ve ever known.

*What are some of the negatives?
Hmmm. Probably that it takes time away from reading (or possibly other things I ought to be doing. Surely I don’t need to dust right now.)

*Name 1-3 favorite items/postings that you have/do on your blog?
1. Reviews. I love getting my thoughts about the books down where I can go back and read them.
2. Challenges. (bet you couldn’t guess that) Some of them have gotten me to read books that I never would have otherwise.

*Any advice you would give to new bloggers?
1. Be yourself. Do it your way. Don’t worry about whether your blog is as pretty as someone else’s or if you do as many posts as others.
2. Don’t worry about the numbers. Yeah, it’s nice to watch the number of followers go up, but if you do something that’s unique and makes you happy, the followers will come.
3. Join in on memes. It’s the best way I’ve found to get to know your fellow bloggers. And there’s some really cool people out there!


*What draws you to follow someone’s blog?
Interesting posts. Particularly about books. Doesn’t even have to be a genre I love, but if the posts are interesting and make me think, then I’ll keep coming back. A sense of humor is also a big draw. I love bloggers who can make me laugh.

*Do you have any “pet peeves” that other bloggers do?
Leaving comments that only say “I was here.” or “I’m following you. Please follow me back.” I’m shy, I want to get to know you before I make a commitment like that. 🙂 And it would be nice to know why you decided to follow me. Was it my cute little button designed by my son? Was it the great review I did on Book X? A little feed back would be good.

*Would you plase share 5-7 things about the person behind the screen so that we get to know the “real” you!!
1. As mentioned above, I’m a writer wanna-be. First draft of an acadmic mystery done. It needs a lot of polishing. A whole lot.

2. My life-long dream is to make a trip to England. I’m saving my pennies…maybe I’ll make in the next couple of years. There’s a web site I’ve got marked that offers mystery lovers tours. Now that would be ideal!

3. I’ve mentioned this before (for award requirements): I’ve sung with the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir twice. In 2008 and 2009, I attended their annual choir convention. Particpants attend classes, practice sessions, and then sing (on the platform) with the Choir during one of the Sunday services. One of the coolest experiences ever!

4. I am the proud mom of an Eagle Scout (I bet you knew I couldn’t resist saying that again). I’ve been a Scout Leader ever since he was a Wolf in Cub Scouts.

5. Last summer I went with the scouts for Kyle’s final scouting trip to the Boundary Waters (between Minnesota & Canada). We canoed and camped out in the back of beyond for 5 days and four nights. Toting our canoes and gear in between lakes. It was a wonderful experience. I’m glad I did it. I’ll never do it again. LOL.

6. For the last five years I’ve played softball with my husband on our English Department’s co-ed softball team. Us old fogies with a bunch of graduate students. It’s been a blast…but I think I’m approaching retirement. May not be putting on the cleats this spring…will have to see.

7. I own over 2000 books. Over half of those are mysteries. I don’t see how that can be possible–I don’t think our house is big enough. But spreadsheets don’t lie. Do they?

I hope you enjoyed getting to know Bev, I know I did.  When I first visited her site, I am going to be quite honest, I was at first, a bit intimidated when I read her bio and saw the type of books that she read for “pleasure” (the classics, historicals, vintages, Austen, etc, etc…you get the picture).  But then after getting to know her, that intimidation then turned into a very high respect and awe.  When I think of the Classics, I think of being in HS and mandatory reading, not pleasure reading.  And then there is her ability to read so many books in a week.  In my eyes, she is truly amazing, and definitely has my respect, the respect that she TRULY deserves?  And one heck of a sense of humor!!!  Did I read that right?  2000 books?  2000? And I bet she has read every single one of them!!!!  Bev is positively a Shining Star!!!!

17 thoughts on “SUNDAY’S SHINING STAR

  1. Nice to meet another fellow book blogger! 2000 books?!? Yikes, I'd need another house for that many 😀

  2. Welcome BEv. I love finding new mystery lovers, though I don't read a lot of vintage I do love the genre as a whole. Thanks for sharing with all of us and Happy Sunday!

  3. I loved getting to know Bev and will have to check out her blog. She is so right that blogging takes time away from reading!!

  4. Cheryl, thanks so much for featuring me. And, no, I haven't read all of those books. LOL. That's why my TBR list is miles long. I'm what you might call a book-klepto-maniac: always picking up more (although I do pay for them)…I can't stop myself from buying them. So, no matter how many I read, I'm always behind.

  5. Thanks, Nise'! Kyle has actually upgraded my button since I sent this…there's now a stack of books beside the beaver. Why a beaver? Well…that's a long story. Short version: Found out my first name means "beaver meadow" and have been collecting the critters ever since. I asked Kyle to create a detective beaver for me.

  6. This was great!! I am one of Bev's followers – and this is such a nice way to learn more about her. :")

  7. Thanks for having Bev Cheryl.

    Bev you must go England soon, I love going during August. A mystery tour, I so want to hear more about that lady, that sounds amazing.

  8. What a great post this is, Cheryl! I think you've really hit upon something. I loved reading about Bev and how great that she really has finished writing a book. Wonderful, interesting answers!

  9. Nice to meet you Bev, thanks to you and Cheryl both for a lovely interview and some interesting tidbits… Now off to find your blog in a bit to see what is going on!

  10. I so enjoy reading about a new shining star each week. Thanks for sharing all of them with us. Bev sounds like a fun person to get to know, so I am off the visit her blog.

  11. Good to put a name and face to a blog. I have been following you, Bev, for a while now.

    Great advice for new bloggers there about not worrying if our blogs look good and numbers.

    Hence, mine is called a Little book blog (not so little now) because I felt is was so tiny compared to the established blogs.

    Thanks Cheryl for another Shining star!


  12. Bev, I love you blog and was already a follow have have you to thank for adding several books to my wish list. I am happy to learn so much more about you. Good luck on that novel, I hope to read it someday.

    Sorry I missed yesterday. I took a self-imposed break from the computer and just read and watched the Daytona 500. Things were crazy here in Wisconsin and still are and I was posting on Facebook so much I was missing deadlines both reading and on my blog. My daughter actually disconnected the keyboard last Thursday so that I would calm down. lol But I will try to remain calm this week and on task and won't miss the coffee next Sunday!!

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