Review "Georgia Bottoms" by Mark Childress

Georgia Bottoms by Mark Childress

Published Little, Brown and Company
ISBN 978-0-316-03304-6
At the request of The Hachette Book Group, a ARC HC was sent to, at no cost to me, for my honest opinion.
  Synopsis (from Publisher): Georgia Bottoms is known in her small community of Six Points, Alabama, as a beautiful, well-to-do, and devoutly Baptist Southern belle.
  Nobody realizes that the family fortune has long since disappeared, and a determinedly single woman like Georgia needs an alternative, and discreet, means of income. In Georgia’s case it is six well-heeled lovers-one for each day of the week, with Mondays off-none of whom knows about the others.
  But when the married preacher who has been coming to call (Saturdays) decides to confess their affair in front of the whole congregation, Georgia must take drastic measures to stop him. In GEORGIA BOTTOMS, Mark Childress proves once again his unmistakable skill for combining the hilarious and the absurd to reveal the inner workings of the rebellious human heart.
  My Thoughts and Opinion: Loved it!! The reader first gets to meet the character as she is preparing for the annual “high society” luncheon in a small town in Alabama, that she hosts every year except no one is showing up. It happens to be 9/11 and she can’t understand how that could interfere in her luncheon and now the huge problem it has created, what does she do with all this food? At times I found myself laughing out loud at the antics of the main character, Miss Georgia Bottoms, who, at times, would come across as a “ditz” and other times “sly as a fox”. The dysfunctional family dynamics between her mother, who suffers from Alzheimer’s, her alcoholic brother and her illegitimate son that no one knows about but shows up on her door step with a very big surprise is hysterical. I could not put the book down to see what trouble she would find herself in next and more importantly, how would she get herself out of it. A fun read!!!!

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7 thoughts on “Review "Georgia Bottoms" by Mark Childress

  1. Oh I am really hoping I get a chance to read this one! I signed up for an advanced reading of it but did not get it. It looks wonderful!

  2. I heard this mentioned on another blog this weekend.

    sounds fun! I am a fan of southern lit, which is not easy for me to get hold of.


  3. Man, I wish reading didn't put me to sleep. So many people love to read & read so quickly too. You remember speed reading? Do you do that? Do you know how? Anyway, would y9ou stop at my blog later. ^You might find something there for you. Today is Hug your Neighbor Day! YOU'VE BEEN HUGGED!

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