Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter to you and your family!!  I am guessing that most everyone will be visiting with family and friends today, I know those are our plans. so Sunday’s Shining Star is taking a little break.

Due to holidays, this weekly event will return on May 15th with getting to know another one of our blogging peers.  And since we will have missed 3 weeks of our “coffee and gab session”, make sure you put plenty of time aside because I am sure we will have a lot of catching up to do!!!  Plus, Jeff, Lori’s (Dollycas’s Thoughts) hubby asked for some time off…..Men!!!  lol.

Hope you have a wonderful day!!!!!

13 thoughts on “Happy Easter!!

  1. Thanks. Happy Easter to you and yours, too. I hope it's been a great weekend.


  2. Enjoy your Easter break, Cheryl.

    Will catch up with you very soon, as I have just got back from our annual holiday this weekend. 🙂


  3. HAPPY EASTER!!!!Jeff is relaxing by doing laundry, cooking dinner and trying to figure out why 1/2 the basements outlets are not working. Darn Easter Bunny, no one gets a break!!

  4. Happy Easter, Cheryl! We are missing our family that left last night and taking it easy today….I hope you are having a great day and getting some rest!

  5. Happy Easter Cheryl to you and yours… This 3-day weekend has been spent working on painting project outdoors, trimming shrubbery and rose bush and running errands as well as napping and reading a little bit!

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