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This week’s question:
In contrast to last week’s question–What do you think of censoring books BECAUSE of their intended age? Say, books too “old” for your kids to read?

My response:

  Another thought provoking question, at least for me since it has been years since my sons were “boys”.  But as I look back into the recesses of my mind, the answer is Yes, I did censor, what they read. 
  I was fortunate to be a SAHM and feel that I knew 99% of the time what they did and what they read.  We would take frequent trips to bookstores where they were allowed to choose books, but I could guide them in choosing certain books and overall, since I was paying, had final decision.  On our trips to the library, I again, would let them “pick out their books” but always from the sections that were age appropriate.  As they got older, and I gave them more freedom, their maturity level and Mom’s instinct kicked in.  Since I was a “hands on” Mom, I felt that I knew when they were ready for changes and even though they were close in age, each one was different as to when the changes took place.
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From Lori’s site:
It struck me recently how much time I spend on this computer every day, blogging, chatting or playing games on Facebook, emailing friends and relatives, making cards and calendars, etc. etc. etc.
We depend on each other for book reviews, giveaways, encouragement, friendship, but how well do we really know each other?
So that is what this meme is all about, getting to know each other.

1. When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up?
My cousin taught 2nd grade and I remember her picking me up (I think I was in 2nd or 3rd grade at the time) to help her decorate her classroom before school started. I remember having so much fun and thinking how special I was to actually be helping A TEACHER.  And since she was my only female cousin, out of a bunch of male cousins, I wanted to be just like her!!!

2. Did you go to college?

3. Do you attend your high school or college reunions?
No, maybe someday.

9 thoughts on “Thursday Memes

  1. I always wanted to be a dancer and I don't have any rhythm, so it makes no sense!

  2. In response to "booking through Thursday," I tend to be more liberal in my approach. I enjoyed reading books that others might not have condoned for me, and I'm glad that I had the opportunity to do so.


  3. I recall my mother censoring the books I read ~ she considered my age & the subject matter and what scenes they might contain. My mother's problem was that I read quite a bit and by age 12 finished anything remotely interesting to me in the YA section of our library. So my mom began picking out books from the adult section. She mostly chose mysteries such as Agatha Christie.. I think many mothers censor what their children read particularly considering if books are too "old" for their children.

    Teaching is a fantastic career…I wanted to be a teacher & often wish I chose teaching.

    Like you I don't go to my HS or college reunions. I have only been to one of my college reunions…the 5 year reunion…I was studying for my law boards & still in school made! Maybe some day I'll go again, when I'm old and gray!

  4. I think most parents keep an eye on what their young children are reading.

    When I was young I wanted to be a teacher or a hairdresser. I became a mother instead, and my two daughters became hairdressers.

    I never went to college, and I went to two of my high school reunions. the 10th and the 15th. This June I will be out of school 53 years, I have no desire to attend anymore reunions.

  5. I wanted to be a secretary for as long as I could remember.

    I worked in offices in various roles for 9 years before I had my older children.


  6. I really never had to censor the kids reading, I was just so happy they were reading and never really chose anything inappropriate. Now that the girls are older it's all vampires and Harlequin but they are always reading. Jayme is still reading for school and Kris plays more video games and watches more television but a mom can always hope that will change.

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