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Tracy from Meryl L. Moss Media has visited many times and has introduced us to some extremely talented debut authors.  Today is no exception.  She contacted me and asked if she could stop by, give us the opportunity to meet this new author and have him talk about his debut novel.  So once again, I ask that you help me welcome Peter Murphy.

Peter Murphy was born in Killarney, Ireland, and grew up in Dublin. Raised on cherished songs and stories, he was drawn to music and poetry at an early age. As a younger man, Murphy took to the roads of Ireland and later, the streets and cities of Europe, playing music for pennies and centimes with the occasional stop in the bars and cafes along the way. But, like so many before him, he was drawn ever westward.

After moving to Canada where the winters discouraged such Bohemianism, he settled down with his Portuguese wife, and loving life partner, and raised two boys. When his sons reached college age, Murphy gave up trying to be ‘normal’ and finally sat down to write Lagan Love, a story he had been lugging around inside of himself for decades.

While not nostalgic, he is a great believer in the value of the past and all that was learned along the way. Accepting progress, and all it demands, Murphy also believes that we should not be so quick to abandon the centuries of human experience that history holds. Lagan Love cautions on this and urges reflection – things Murphy holds dear.

Lagan Love is a sensuous story of Love, Lust and Loss that brings into question the cost we pay for our dreams.
You can visit Mr. Murphy at his website.

In the 1980s, Ireland was on the brink – the Celtic Tiger was yet to arise and change the face, and faces, of Dublin with prosperity and foreigners. Volatile anger, shimmering myths and lachrymose poetry still ruled the night as rough-hewn workers and lost university students hefted pints at Grogan’s pub.

Stepping into the swirling blend of the old and the new is Janice, a young painter from Toronto, who has crossed the ocean to seek passion in her life and her art. Her affair with Aidan, Ireland’s rising poet, leads her through the veil of the Celtic Twilight to a place of reward and danger in Peter Murphy’s stunning debut novel LAGAN LOVE (The Fiction Studio, June 7, 2011).

Drawing on Ireland’s rich history and mellifluous ability to speak legend into art through such Irish geniuses as William Butler Yeats and James Joyce, Murphy weaves a tale that draws on Celtic lore as much as the hard facts of economic recovery. Into the lives of Janice and Aidan and their more practical friends walks the mysterious Gwen, who may be far more than the beautiful seductress she seems on the surface.

Trailing Gwen like cigarette smoke in a tavern is the myth of the leanan sídhe, or lenanshee, a fairy spirit who inspires lovers to ever-greater creative heights – at a price. Can the levelheaded Sinead, who has dedicated herself to seizing new career opportunities, or the kind and romantic Ronan, keep their friends from being swept away by the Ireland that dwells just beneath the surface?

Evoking the days when the love for Ireland was hidden in the lyrics about a beautiful woman in the classic 15th-century song, My Lagan Love, Murphy’s freshman novel reveals the complex layers of his homeland – as bracing as a pint on a chilly Dublin evening.


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  1. I recently received this one for review; I may even come away from reading it feeling somewhat Irish; it looks to be a great story.

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