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When Rebecca from The Cadence Group contacted me to ask if I would like to host today’s author, there was no hesitation.  Especially when I read the synopsis of his book.  Even though my “boys” are now grown and are men and on their own, I felt that this is a book that should be on every one’s list, either for your own children, your grandchildren, and/or for anyone who knows someone with children.  So without further ado, please help me welcome today’s guest, Mr. C.D. Shelton.

Texan born, C.D. Shelton grew up in Los Angeles California. He served two years in the U.S. Army during the Korean War.

He holds two Masters, one in Administration and the other in Biology.

He taught at Hollywood High School and was assistant Vice-Principal during his first ten years as an Educator.

He has taught Biology for the Los Angeles Community College District for over four decades. As a Biology Professor, he wrote and developed the Biology Curriculum for the Los Angeles Community Colleges for all the pre-med majors and non majors. He co-authored two laboratory manuals for the life science department on Physiology and for Anatomy.

C.D. Shelton’s interest have included aviation, tennis and golf to name just a few. He has a private pilots license, he was a certified tennis instructor for eight years. He is a father of three, grandfather of four, he lives in Orange County California with his wife and niece. He is currently writing his tenth novel.

To be absolutely candid and truthful, the book, “A Kid’s Guide to being a Winner” was written out of frustration with the antics of our thirteen year old niece, who lives with my wife and I.

We rise on school day mornings early enough for our niece to get herself together, get a bite to eat, collect her books and walk the short distance to her middle school. It would seem she would have enough time. So we think.

On more than one occasion, this past semester, we received a phone call from our niece requesting we bring a particular textbook to school for use in her Social Studies Class.

One incident of this sort would not generate any raised eyebrows, but the issue with the textbook was repeated several times. Even verbal reminders delivered at the front door, “Do you have all of the books you’ll need today?” was not enough to solve the problem.

We first started talking about RESPONSIBILITY, this last spring. The book episode with my niece was the stimulus that opened the discussion on “What are some fundamental character tools a kid needs to succeed, not just in school but also in life?”

That idea started the juices to flow and within a very short time the “Kid’s Guide,” was written.

I’m currently working on my tenth novel, four have been published. “A Kid’s Guide to being a Winner,” is my first non-fiction book.

The pivotal question would be, did the discussion on RESPONSIBILITY, alter the behavior of our niece? To answer that question, I called my niece to my desk and read this entire post to her. She squirmed around a bit and finally replied, “Yes, now what I do is go through a MENTAL CHECKLIST and decide if I have

BINGO! For me, that was the perfect answer. The above was not my reply it came straight from Ashlee Taylor, my niece.

SYNOPSIS (borrowed from Amazon):
A Kid’s Guide to being a Winner is an easy-to-read book for kids who are in need of that little “Extra” spark of understanding. A Kid’s Guide to being a Winner is a book for young people on the Values of being responsible, being thoughtful, being respectful, having a positive mental attitude and having gratitude. A Kid’s guide to being a Winner is about timeless and fundamental principles, which are essential to SUCCESS. A Kid’s Guide to being a Winner includes steps that are simple, yet the results are POWERFUL.
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