Sunday’s Shinng Star

Sunday’s Shining Star will be off the air this week.
Due to technical difficulties with blogger, I was unable to post any images until Friday night.  I usually draft up my Sunday’s Shining Star post Tuesday, Wednesday the latest, to give the guest blogger enough notice that she will be the guest.  This way, if it is not convenient, I have time to draft and showcase another blogger.  Giving the guest 2 days notice didn’t seem right.
Hopefully the glitches have been fixed and Sunday’s Shining Star will return next week.  Have a great day everyone!

2 thoughts on “Sunday’s Shinng Star

  1. Blogger gets us messed up so many times. This morning I couldn't comment on another blogspot blog. Don't know what was up with that. PITA!!
    But now it seems to be working. Sheeeeeesh.

  2. I agree, always seems to be something! Oh well, given that the service is free, it's hard to complain I guess 🙂

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