Sunday’s Shining Star

Sunday’s Shining Star is still having technical problems due to blogger
Once again, blogger and photobucket are fighting.  And I am o frustrated.  I have tried everything.  I thought it might be that blogger wouldn’t accept the site where I create the frame from, so I tried just adding the blogger’s picture, and blogger also refused that.   I have contacted blogger regarding this issue but have not gotten a response.  Is anyone having this problem?
I try to draft my posts far in advance, especially for Guest Author showcases, in case real life interferes.  This way I don’t have to scramble at the last minute.  But I can’t even do that.  I can’t add author and or book images.  Another issue I can’t seem to do lately is “preview” a blog post or after I publish it, “view” it.
I am wondering if I should go to wordpress.  How much work is involved?  Has anyone made the switch?  Which do you prefer?  Or would owning my own domain help?
Over the past 2 weeks, I have wasted so much time trying  to work around these problems, trying different methods that I can think of, but being computer challenged makes it even harder.  I have also been having problems with google documents.  Would love to hear your thoughts, comments and/or any suggestions you may have because the panic is starting to kick in as the dates are getting closer for my agreed upon Author showcases.  (I would have inserted here an image of somebody panicking lol so you will have to use your imagination lol)

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