Sunday’s Shining Star

Sunday’s Shining Star is still on hiatus and will be returning on September 18th.

I finally figured out what the problem was and am embarrassed to say what the problem was.
I have stated on many occasions that I am computer illiterate, yes, I admit it.  It took me this long to figure out that it was the label for blogger.  The little apostrophe in Sundays, that little red apostrophe would not be accepted as a character in the label box by blogger.  I don’t know why and I wish someone would explain it to me because I just don’t get it.  
I asked last week when Shining Star should resume, seeing that next Sunday is the 10 year 911 Anniversary, and I agree, it should be a day of remembrance.  If anyone would like to leave comments next Sunday, their thoughts, emotions, where they were, memories, etc, will be welcome.  I thought since we didn’t know each other 10 years ago, it would be nice to share.
And on a brighter note, today is a special day, which I can’t believe is here.  In 1997, when my oldest son started HS, he walked home from school with a friend.  They stopped at my house and Paul introduced me to his friend, we talked, they had snacks.  Ironically I had gone grocery shopping that day and there was a person, my age, bagging my groceries and we started talking.  It turned out to be Paul’s new friend’s Mom, who became my bff.  Ever since that day both families have been friends.  I take that back, the friendship is so close that we are more like family.  Today, he is getting married, I call him my 3rd son, my oldest son is in the wedding party and my youngest son drove home for the wedding.  We plan on taking many pictures, key word plan, and ope to share some with you.
Congratulations Georgie and Dina !!

5 thoughts on “Sunday’s Shining Star

  1. I laughed out loud because I would so do something like that and not figure it out Cheryl. My daughter stop laughing mommy, lol, she thought I was laughing at her or her tv show, imagine ūüôā

    Enjoy the wedding

  2. I had a similar problem with something one time, so I understand your frustration. There's no need to be embarrassed.

    I love weddings, so I know you'll have a wonderful time today.

  3. Cheryl as far as blogger is concerned we all have one thing in common, not understanding why the subject line allows us to use certain symbols when we write a post. Anyway have fun at the wedding and 10 years ago we were in shock with the rest of the nation, a week later we were painting our house in patriotic blues on the outside.

  4. Your plan sounds like a good one. I like the idea for a remembrance day next Sunday. By the way, you had sent me an invitation to be on SSS quite awhile back and I just wanted you to know that I haven't forgotten. I appreciated being invited and I will get it back to you soon. =O)

    What a wonderful story about how you met your bff. Lovely! I hope the wedding was nice.

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