Review "A Winter Discovery" by Michael Baron

Published by The Story Plant

ISBN: 9781611880274

At the request of The Story Plant in partnership with Spread The Word Initiative, a Digital Edition was supplied, at no cost to me, for my honest opinion.

Synopsis (borrowed from NetGalley): Returning to the characters of his first novel, When You Went Away, Baron takes us again into the world of Gerry Rubato, a man who has been marked by loss and revived by love, and his son Reese, now five, who celebrates life at a remarkable level but is only now starting to understand that he was robbed of the chance of ever knowing his mother. Reese is old enough now to get caught up in the excitement of the Christmas season and he throws himself into it with abandon. His sense of celebration takes on entirely new levels of meaning, though, when it leads him to an unexpected and most remarkable discovery.

At once buoyant and poignant, and filled with irrepressible spirit, A Winter Discovery is a story of that will take you to new places in your heart.

My Thoughts and Opinion: As the synopsis states, this is a sequel to When You Went Away, and you may have seen that I just posted my review of that book, however, I tend to disagree a little. This is a novella that has the same characters returning and focusing on the six year old child who was an infant when his mother died. It can definitely stand alone and will tug at every heart string. It’s a Christmas story for adults that will warm and touch you so deeply that it’s magical. No spoilers given but will tell you that there will be a few sniffles. A perfect gift for a teacher, a neighbor, mail person who delivers our books year round, etc etc. It is a fast read, only 60 pages, but it is full of emotion, love, sentiment, feeling and tenderness that this book should be on every one’s book shelf to reread at this time of year. Highly recommend!!


I received a copy of this book, at no charge to me,
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  1. I have both books on my nook. Your review made me curious and B&N had them both for the Nook. Book bloggers do sell books! Thanks for recommending these!

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