Review “Banal” by Vincent Zandri

Banal by Vincent Zandri
Published by: Bear Media
Publication Date: June 9, 2012
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Edition: Kindle
My Rating: 4

Is a writer suffering from a never ending bout of writer’s block capable of murder? Or is he simply bored with his life? In this previously published short story by bestselling noir author, Vincent Zandri, a writer commits the ultimate act of destruction to a neighbor and friend if only to finally uncover the one story he needs to write himself out of his troubles. But then, not all murders are what they appear to be. Nor are all stories.

My Thoughts and Opinion:
If you are a regular follower of my blog, you know that Vincent Zandri is my Number 1 author of mystery. My thoughts on his writing is that he is abundantly talented and has a gift. Each book, once you pick it up, have no clue where it is going to take you. Each book has a slightly different tone and writing style, so his books, in my opinion are unique. You won’t get the “same ole, same ole”.

Banal, a digital short story, is a psychological thriller that is fully packed with an intense descriptive narrative within it’s few pages. The setting and characters brought to life with the author’s depiction and presentation. What amazed me, was that I was able to create such a vivid imagery, due to the writing style, within those few pages. The plot, deep, dark and chilling, again within only several pages. The story line and conclusion had me shaking my head as to the interpretation. Not only did the author pen a calculated psychological tale, but he also, in his creative style, played the reader in a cognitive manner as to what exactly transpired in those few short pages. What was imaginary and/or real. But in true Zandri style, the author leaves the reader wanting more of his work!! Another phenomenal and brilliant piece of literary work!! He is the master of his craft!! Incredible!! A profound read!!

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