I’m Back….

Hi Everyone!!!  I so missed being here.  But I’m back….well…kind of.  I’m only allowed to sit at my computer/desk for a limited time.

Just to give you an update…the surgery was successful !!!  I now have the ability to stand up straight and not having to walk/stand at a 45° angle.  And not only that, no pain.  I was on less pain medication 3 weeks after surgery than I was before.

And more good news..I have kicked my reading slump!!!  However, it wasn’t until just recently because I just found it difficult to concentrate.  But now, I am even reading past my bedtime.  I truly am enjoying this part of recuperation, where I can justify just sitting and reading.  I still have restrictions, and since surgery, have been wearing a full torso brace which will be on, at least until the end of August, so I plan to do a lot of reading.

I truly am Blessed and I want to thank those that kept me in their prayers, thoughts, sent cards and flowers, gave me support and encouragement.  It has been a long journey but the outcome has given me my life back.



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6 thoughts on “I’m Back….

    1. Hi Kathy…Thank you! I am recovering, a lot slower than I anticipated, but I can’t complain because of the results I received. Thank you for all of your support. <3

    1. Hi Freda…Thank you. I am doing much better especially compared to how I was pre surgery. I truly am Blessed. I found a very competent surgeon, that was able to perform a procedure never done before, with perfect results. We haven’t figured out who was more nervous, him or me lol. Prayers were answered!!

    1. Hi Sheila..Recovery is going per doctor’s plans but not as fast I would like. But I am enjoying being able to read hours at a time, since I am still on quite a few restrictions. I have my fingers crossed, that maybe, by the end of August, I will be out of the brace and able to spend more than 1 hour per day at the computer.

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