Jul 272014

Hi Everyone!!!  I so missed being here.  But I’m back….well…kind of.  I’m only allowed to sit at my computer/desk for a limited time.

Just to give you an update…the surgery was successful !!!  I now have the ability to stand up straight and not having to walk/stand at a 45° angle.  And not only that, no pain.  I was on less pain medication 3 weeks after surgery than I was before.

And more good news..I have kicked my reading slump!!!  However, it wasn’t until just recently because I just found it difficult to concentrate.  But now, I am even reading past my bedtime.  I truly am enjoying this part of recuperation, where I can justify just sitting and reading.  I still have restrictions, and since surgery, have been wearing a full torso brace which will be on, at least until the end of August, so I plan to do a lot of reading.

I truly am Blessed and I want to thank those that kept me in their prayers, thoughts, sent cards and flowers, gave me support and encouragement.  It has been a long journey but the outcome has given me my life back.



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  6 Responses to “I’m Back….”

  1. Yay! I’m glad you’re recovering so well!

    • Hi Kathy…Thank you! I am recovering, a lot slower than I anticipated, but I can’t complain because of the results I received. Thank you for all of your support. <3

  2. God bless! So glad you are doing better. Get well soon!

    • Hi Freda…Thank you. I am doing much better especially compared to how I was pre surgery. I truly am Blessed. I found a very competent surgeon, that was able to perform a procedure never done before, with perfect results. We haven’t figured out who was more nervous, him or me lol. Prayers were answered!!

  3. May your recovery continue to go well … and quickly!

    • Hi Sheila..Recovery is going per doctor’s plans but not as fast I would like. But I am enjoying being able to read hours at a time, since I am still on quite a few restrictions. I have my fingers crossed, that maybe, by the end of August, I will be out of the brace and able to spend more than 1 hour per day at the computer.

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