Review: FAULTLINES by Barbara Taylor Sissel

FAULTLINES by Barbara Taylor Sissel
Published by Lake Union Publishing
Publication Date: September 6, 2016
Pages: 304
Review Copy From: Author
Edition: ARC Kindle
My Rating: 5+


Synopsis: (via GR)

It’s the phone call every parent dreads: in the middle of the night, Sandy Cline learns that her twenty-year-old son, Jordan, has been in a car accident. Her nephew, Travis, was also in the car, along with Travis’s girlfriend. All three are alive—but barely. The car was smashed against a tree along a remote and winding road, beautiful but deadly, in their rural Texas Hill Country town.

In the wake of the car crash, the close-knit family is tested like never before. Jenna, Travis’s mother, blames Jordan—as well as her sister, Sandy—after reports surface that Jordan had been driving. As the young adults struggle to survive, tension between their parents escalates. But when trust is broken and a shocking family secret is exposed, it creates a perfect storm of harrowing consequences. Rumors in the small town spread like wildfire. When details of the accident are questioned, Sandy and Jenna wonder if their family has been destroyed beyond repair.

As always, there’s much more to the story…if the family is to survive, they will have to come together to confront the terrible truth and overcome their pain. But are some betrayals unforgivable?

My Thoughts and Opinion:

Barbara Taylor Sissel has done it again!!! A “can’t put down read”!!

I am a HUGE fan of Ms. Sissel, reading all of her novels, The Ninth Step, The Volunteer, Evidence of Life, Safe Keeping and Crooked Little Lies, and always anxiously awaiting the next book. This time, she gave me the great honor to read an ARC.

Her writing is creatively masterful. She interweaves characters, whereas the reader doesn’t know how or what the relationships are, and when it is revealed, it’s astonshing. The cast in this book were very believeable and relatable.

There were so many twists and turns, I found myself, at times, either gasping for air or holding my breath.

A compelling, emotional, suspenseful read! An amazing and exceptional book! A page turner! This title is definitely in my top 3 of 2016 reads, if not the best.

I highly recommend this book, and all her other books. Pre order!! However, once you pick it up, be prepared because you will be saying “just one more chapter”, and then find yourself having read many more. You will not be disappointed!!

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