Review: BULLET IN THE BLUE SKY by Bill Larkin

Published by William Larkin
Publication Date: August 4, 2016
ISBN-10: 0989400212
ISBN-13: 978-0989400213
Pages: 366
Review Copy From: Author
Edition: ARC TPB
My Rating: 5

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In the chaotic aftermath of a massive earthquake that leveled much of the Los Angeles region, a LAPD deputy chief sends an elite team of detectives on a rescue mission. They are ordered to set aside all law enforcement duties, to ignore the destruction and to focus on one task: Find LAPD Detective Gavin Shaw, who disappeared just before the earthquake.

Kevin “Schmitty” Schmidt of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department joins five others on the rescue team. With rioting, looting, attacks and homicides rampant in the streets, the six cops have to defend themselves while chasing down leads on the whereabouts of Shaw. The mission takes them through the dizzying war zone and the more they encounter, the more they wonder why they are searching for one man in these extreme circumstances. Why is this man so important to the deputy chief, and why now?

Schmitty discovers that others with high connections are also after Shaw. The questions pile even higher when they learn of a shadowy history between Shaw and the deputy chief. A history with deadly consequences for the team as they uncover a threat that elevates the mission to a race against time.

My Thoughts and Opinion:

The story, is related in a 1st person POV, takes place over a 3 day search with non stop action. A secret team is assigned to find LAPD Det. Shaw, but why? An 8.8 catastrophic earthquake has just occured but the team’s instructions are to ignore anything and everything related to it and just locate this detective. Who is he, why is he a priority when the area is in total devastation? Is there any connection between the missing Detective and the earthquake?

This is the first time I read anything by Mr. Larkin, but can honestly say, that I will be reading any future novels. It was 366 pages of a riveting operation to locate this important person, and once found, the anxiety continued. This book grabbed me from the first page right through to the last word. And even more chilling is the thought of could this actually happen. A spine-thriller to the very last word. An electrifying read!

Highly recommend!

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  1. Haha, oh my gosh I was so excited by this post I got click happy and took myself to another place LOL. Had to calm down and start again – ahh… breath.

    OH MY GOSH! I can’t wait to read this book!!!!!!! I am calm, I am calm.
    I love books like this. I hope it meets my expectations!

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