Review: A DOZEN TRUTHS by Editors Lou Aronica and Aaron Brown

A DOZEN TRUTHS by Editors Lou Aronica and Aaron Brown
Published by The Story Plant
Publication Date: March 14th, 2017
ISBN-10: 1611882516
ISBN-13: 978-1611882513
Pages: 230
Review Copy From: Author Steven Manchester
Edition: Kindle
My Rating: 5

Synopsis (via GR):

The greatest truths are often revealed in fiction, as exemplified by this stunning anthology of stories that reveal the human condition in bracingly truthful ways. The eternal complexities of sibling relationships are revealed in four-time #1 bestselling author Steven Manchester’s “Lost.” The hope and betrayal that so often underlies love declare themselves in Marcia Gloster’s “Losing Will.” The reality behind a con man’s illusions emerge in Craig Ham’s contest-winning “Tonic and Spirits.” These are three of the dozen truths that will rise from these pages. Side by side with the work of national bestselling novelists like Mary Marcus and Earl Javorsky, A DOZEN TRUTHS features the three winners of the 2016 AuthorsFirst Short Story Contest, providing a bold mix of experienced storytelling and fresh new voices. As entertaining as it is engaging, A DOZEN TRUTHS promises twelve dramatic revelations – and as many powerful reading experiences. CONTRIBUTORS INCLUDE: Eric Andersson Steven Manchester Carmen Siegers Marcia Gloster Craig Ham Lynn Voedisch Mary Marcus Christopher Slater KJ Steele Earl Javorsky Roger Bagg Robert Herzog

My Thoughts and Opinion:

First a couple of caveats.
If you follow my blog/reviews, then you know I am both a fan of The Story Plant and author Steven Manchester. So when Steve asked me to review this book, the answer was to send it on!!!

I rarely read Short Stories in the past, but this year I have been, and have found that I enjoying them for a multiple of reasons. The main one is that I get to sample writings of authors that I haven’t read as of yet.

A DOZEN TRUTHS, as the synopsis states, is an anthology of stories of human behaviors at it’s best and worst, emotions, relationships, and thought processes of both reality and imagined, written by authors that were familiar to me and some that I now have on my “authors to read” list.

In JOIN by Eric Andersson, a High School student is obsessed with thoughts of mortality. Is it due to mental illness or is it a topic that only he thinks about or does everyone?

In TWO O’CLOCK TRAIN by KJ Steele, Mara and Jimmy, two innocent childhood friends enjoy playing by the train tracks. But how innocent is Mara? She compares her home life to Jimmy’s. Is she really innocent and a loyal friend? At two o’clock that is answered.

And my favorite, LOST by Steven Manchester, which is another incident during the car journey of the Prendergast brothers of his latest novel, ASHES. A question in this story, I felt was so compelling and poignant. Are we truly ever lost? Or are we where we should be?

I highly recommend this book, not only for some excellent writings but also to meet the authors behind the stories. I guarantee, like me, you will be adding these authors to your list too.

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