Book Trib Holiday Thriller Giveaway

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Are you all done with your holiday shopping? If you are, or not, here’s a chance to win something for yourself!! And as book lovers, there is nothing better than a book. Right? Well, how about 20 books?!

I’m teaming up with Book Trib to spread the word about their giveaway!!!!!!

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Giveaway starts today, December 13th
and runs through December 20th


As part of our holiday giveaway promotion, BookTrib will be giving away 20 books each week to one lucky winner through the month of December. Who needs to feel cozy and safe when you can feel frightened and paranoid reading a fantastic thriller? Like what you see? Enter for a chance to win lots of great titles and be sure to check in next week to see what our new box might have in store for you!

To enter, either click on the link HERE or the image on the sidebar.


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