July Monthly Wrap Up

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July Books Read

I had a better month than I have had since March. Even though I read 4 books, I’m still not happy that I am not reading as much as I used to before COVID-19 changed our lives. And according to GR, I am behind by 5 books to make my 2020 goal. I’m thinking that the reason I did better is due to the summer heat. I’m a summer person and there is nothing that I enjoy more than sitting on my float in the pool and read. No distractions like my phone and/or the television. I’m hoping that we will have pool weather every day in August so maybe I will have a few hours of interrupted reading time.

My review for THE GOLDEN GIRL by Dana Perry was posted on July 8th, which can be seen HERE.
My review for HURRY HOME by Roz Nay was posted on July 21st, which can be seen HERE.

My review for A MILLION LITTLE LIES by Bette Lee Crosby was posted on May 28th, which can be seen HERE.
My review for SISTERS by Fran Lewis will be posted in August


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