#Review | Silent Island by Dana Perry

Silent Island Dana Perry
Genre: Organized Crime Thriller Police Procedural
Published by Bookouture
Publication Date: October 5, 2021
Pages: 269
Review Copy From: Publisher via NetGalley
Edition: Kindle
My Rating: 5

Synopsis (via GR)

Nancy Lavelle lies still on the floor. With her eyes looking towards her children’s rooms, her hands are clasped in prayer, as if the last thing she wished for was her children to be saved…

When Detective Abby Pearce is called to the Beach House, a holiday home in the most affluent part of Martha’s Vineyard, she finds five bodies. An entire family has been killed in a frenzied attack… all except one. Fifteen-year-old Karin is the only survivor. Sitting in the house, surrounded by her family, she stares into the distance and doesn’t say a word.

When Karin’s grandparents fly in to take her home, Abby’s investigation takes a shocking turn. Taking one look at the traumatised girl, they recoil—the girl curled up in a hospital bed isn’t their granddaughter. So who is she? And where is the real Karin Lavelle?

Abby fears the missing girl is in serious danger, and with local residents worried that the killer is still on the island and the press questioning her every move, she’s under pressure to solve both crimes fast. But when she uncovers a link between Thomas Lavelle’s New York office and her previous job at the NYPD, she begins to fear that these brutal murders are a sign… and that she’s next. Can she find the killer before another life is taken, or is she walking into a trap?

This fast-paced thriller is perfect for fans of Lisa Regan, Kendra Elliot and Mary Burton, but be warned—you won’t want to put it down!

My Thoughts

Caveat: Dana Perry is on my “authors to read” list so I know when I peel back that cover, I’m going to be experiencing an exceptional read…….

With that being said, let me catch my breath. I feel like I just ran a marathon reading this story.

This is the 2nd book in the Detective Abby Pearce series but can easily read as a stand alone. You can see my review for the 1st book Her Ocean Grave

A dream vacation on the iconic island of Martha’s Vineyard. But the entire Lavelle family has been murdered in their hotel room not long after arriving. From there, the action doesn’t diminish with each page that is turned.

Mr. Perry has a gift of writing stories within stories, mysteries within mysteries, which this book had, which was gripping and tense. I was so engrossed that I felt that I was also on the island and trailing Det. Abby Pearce on her hunt for the killer or killers.

A nail biter of a read!!! Chilling and riveting!!!!

A totally entertaining read from start to finish!!! Now I’m ready for the sequel!!!!

I received a complimentary copy from Bookouture via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

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