May 142012


This is a STICKY POST  Progress Report for Bout of Books Read-A-Thon.  

Hosted by bout of books

My Goals:
Complete current read, Far and Away by Meg Mitchell Moore
Start and finish 2 other books not chosen as of yet

Books To Read:
Far and Away by Meg Mitchell Moore
The Lost Years by Mary Higgins Clark
Summerland by Elin Hilderbrand

Monday  5/14
Today’s topic/question:
“What do you like best about readathons? Do you have any readathon traditions or rituals? If this is your first readathon, what do you like so far? Discuss away!”
Read-A-Thons give me the incentive to read more and not spend as much time at the computer, especially during the day.
Number of pages I’ve read today:  74 (RL had other plans for me and it wasn’t reading.
Book:  So Far Away by Meg Mitchell Moore

Tuesday  5/15
Today’s Challenge:
Physical book or eBook?  Print
Paperback or Hardcover?  Paperback  (TPB)
Reality or Make-believe?  Fiction
Adult or Young-Adult?  Adult
Dog ears or Bookmarks?  Bookmark
Breaking the spine or Barely open the book?  Barely opening the book
Tea or Coffee?  Coffee (both hot (am) and Iced (pm)
Reading in bed or On the couch?  Both
Series or Standalone?  Stand alone
Original or TV Adaptation?  Original
Defy motion sickness or Audiobooks?  ?
Author crushes or Who-was-that-guy-again?  Author crushes
Interview or Guest post?  Interview
Number of pages I’ve read today:  89  (another not so good day of reading due to not feeling well)
Book:  Finished So Far Away by Meg Mitchell Moore
Next Book:  The Lost Years by Mary Higgins Clark

Wednesday  5/16
Number of pages I’ve read today:  68 (unfortunately I can’t put in the time to read as I had planned to due to RL..Maybe Thursday will be different)
Book:   The Lost Years by Mary Higgins Clark

Thursday  5/17
Number of pages I’ve read today:  129 (a little better..RL really interfered this week)
Book:  The Lost Years by Mary Higgins Clark

Friday  5/18
Number of pages I’ve read today:  154
Book:  Finished The Lost Years by May Higgins Clark
              Started Summerland by Elin Hilderbrand

Saturday  5/19
Number of pages I’ve read today:  94
Book:  Summerland by Elin Hilderbrand

Number of pages I’ve read today:  74
Book:  Summerland by Elin Hilderbrand

Total number of pages read during Read-A-Thon:  682
Finished: So Far Away by Meg Mitchell Moore (review written)
Finished: The Lost Years by Mary Higgins Clark (review written)
1/2 Done: Summerland by Elin Hilderbrand
I didn’t make my goals but came close.  I was hoping to put in more reading time and to finish 3 books this week, but only read 2 1/2.  As usual, RL had other plans for me.  But I enjoyed participating as it did give me the incentive to get away from the computer and pick up my book.  I want to thank Bout of Books for hosting and am looking forward to the next Read-A-Thon.

May 112012

I just saw this in my Google Reader and am signing up.  Want to join me?  Here are the details:

Hosted by bout of books

 Standard info:

  • Bout of Books is a week long read-a-thon, run from 12:01am on Monday, May 14th through 11:59pm Sunday, May 20st in whatever time zone you are in.
  • Bout of Books is low pressure, meaning participants are only asked to push themselves to read more than they normally would during any given week. There is no competition between readers.
  • How much time a reader wants, and can commit, to read, tweet, or network with fellow bloggers is left to individual preference. All challenges and giveaways are optional.
  • Networking with fellow bloggers is actively encouraged, though never required. Co-hosts are there to facilitate blog hopping and interaction between participants.
  • Use Twitter to post updates throughout the read-a-thon. Everyone will be tweeting with the #boutofbooks hashtag.

My Goals are:
*Finish current read of Far and Away by Meg Mitchell Moore
*Start and hopefully finish 1-2 other books which I haven’t chosen yet

Progress (which will be a sticky post during time frame of Read-A-Thon:
*I will be tracking my progress of # of pages read daily
*List books finished
*Wrap Up post

Mar 312012


CARING LESSONS by Lois Hoitenga Roelofs
Published by Deep River Books
ISBN 10: 1-935265-37-7
ISBN 13: 978-1-935265-37-5
At the request of WOW Tours, a TPB was sent, at no cost to me, for my honest opinion.

  Synopsis: Lois Roelofs describes herself as a rebellious minister’s daughter, a reluctant nurse, a restless mom, and a perpetual student who eventually became a fun-loving teacher of mental health nursing. During her forty-year nursing career, she cared for patients and taught nursing students in primarily mental health and medical-surgical settings. As a caregiver, she learned the value of caring for herself and did so by changing jobs to suit her interests, going back to school more than once to feed her crave for learning, and seeking professional help when personal and family crises invaded her life.

You will be amused, saddened, and inspired as you read this intimate and introspective memoir. Plus you will learn the importance of faith, family, and friendship— whatever your profession— and come away with a new appreciation of caring for yourself as well as caring for others.
  My Thoughts and Opinion: When the “call” went out for reviewers of this memoir and after reading the synopsis, being a former RN, I signed on.   It has been many years since my days as a student nurse and working as a licensed RN, however, I can vividly recall many incidents both funny and sad, good and bad, and countless patients that touched my heart.   I had expectations that this book would be memorable stories of the author’s years during her training, patients that had touched her life and anecdotes during her years of nursing.
I could relate to the beginning of the book, where the author tells of her training, and the questioning of her career decision, to pursue a 2 year degree in Nursing.   Her clinical training rotations (working on specialty floors of hospitals) such as psych, medical/surgical brought back memories. The book then goes through her years of continuing her education whereas she receives her Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD and the different positions that she works in.   She shares, and you can actually feel her pride and enjoyment, about the years when she was a Nursing Instructor.   This is my opinion, and my opinion only, but maybe I started reading this book thinking it was going to take a different route than it did, and because of that assumption on my part, I was expecting  and hoping for something different and felt a bit of a let down with this read.
I received a copy of this book, at no charge to me,
in exchange for my honest review.
No items that I receive
are ever sold…they are kept by me,
or given to family and/or friends.
(2012 Challenges:  What’s In A Name, Off The Shelf, Free Reads, Where Are You, A-Z, 52 in 52, Outdo Yourself, 100+)
Mar 022012

Hosted by An Island Life

From An Island Life:
In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.
 If you’d like to participate, visit An Island Life answer the question and then post your own question on your blog and leave your link below. Don’t forget to visit the other participants! It’s a great way to make new bloggy friends!

We all enjoy eating, right?   But there is something I just don’t understand and today that is my question.

Do you enjoy eating very hot, spicy food?   If yes, isn’t your mouth in pain?   How is that enjoyable?

Feb 262012

This is a sticky post for Read-A-Thon progress.


Book:  The Second Time We Met by Leila Cobo
02/24  Friday  Pages Read:    127/361
*Musing–I am reading/reviewing this book for The Hachette Book Group. Once my review is posted, Brianne from Hachette has kindly offered for me to host a 3 book giveaway. For a debut novel, it is well written and holding my attention.

02/25 Saturday Pages Read:  182
                                           Subtotal:  308/361
*Musingohh so close to finishing the book but sleep won.

02/26 Sunday Pages Read:  53
                                       Subtotal:   361/361

*Musing–Finished The Second Time We Met by Leila Cobo.  Will be writing my review today and starting another book
Didn’t get much reading in.  Between doing things around the house and computer to-dos the day flew by.

Started Book The Ninth Step by Barbara Taylor Sissel
02/27 Monday Pages Read: Kindle 9%
Subtotal:  1 book/ 9% 2nd book
Musing:  Going to be hard keeping track of pages read since Kindle does it by %s, one of the negatives I have with owning a Kindle.

02/28 Tuesday Pages Read:  Kindle : another 9%
                                           Subtotal:  Kindle:  18%
Musing: not too much time spent reading.  Errands, doctor appointment (and wouldn’t you know it) I thought great, I’ll be able to get some reading done in waiting room..was taken right on time lol.  I still haven’t learned all the gadgets w/the there a way to find out page numbers instead of the % read?

02/29 Wednesday Pages Read:  0%
Musing:  Unfortunately I didn’t even open a book.  Due to RL commitments, which I knew ahead of time, I knew that I would probably not get much reading in.  

03/01 Thursday Pages Read:  32%
                                                    Total:  50%

Wrap Up:  Finished The Second Time We Met by Leila Cobo
1/2 through- The Ninth Step by Barbara Taylor Sissel

I was hoping to get at least 2 books read and started on a third during this read-a-thon, however, I also knew  when, I signed up that I had obligations that were going to interfere.   But knowing that I was participating, was an incentive to try and pick up my book as often as I could.

Thank you Stephanie from Once Upon a Chapter for hosting.