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TGIS….I am so behind in reading and updating items on my blog (will explain why a little later in this post). I have seen many of the blogs I follow posting about this new challenge Bloggiesta and have been reading some articles and realize……boy do I still have a lot to learn!!!! Things like copyrights (wondering if my blog is too new to invest in this or what are the benefits, labels, organizing blog (this I have been working on but haven’t completed. Once again any help and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I tend to feel guilty spending so much time getting my blog updated (since I am the number 1 computer for dummies) instead of what I should be doing and that is reading along with the mundane things known as household chores. But I read somewhere that to increase traffic, have a nice blog (suggestions in this area would also be appreciated). So that’s what I have been trying to accomplish. Now for why I am so behind this week with reading.

MY Photobucket JOURNEY
I posted this week that I have decided that I will be writing down my thoughts and emotions as to what I am facing as a means of a therapeutic nature and it beats the cost of a counselor. The reason I am so behind in everything is that I spent most of this week on the phone trying to book an appointment for an orthopedic doctor who specializes in complicated and/or risky surgeries of the spine, which I fall into having had 3 past surgeries the last one being 20 years ago and at the time I was the 3rd patient to have had an experimental procedure. Between having reports sent to this doc (wouldn’t even make the appointment until he saw all the tests results, calls to my PCP for certain files to be faxed to the orthopedic doctor, calls to the insurance company for prior authorization, etc. This went on every day this week. The phone became glued to my ear between “listen to the menu press this number, then choose another menu”, being put on hold, shuffled from one person to the next. Four days just to make an appointment……geez louise….the “White House Crashers” had it easier getting into that dinner than I had getting this appointment.
Relax and Read Weekend
In between laundry, I plan on doing a little work on this blog then grab my afghan( the temperature here in New England is presently 23), a cup of coffee and my book and snuggle up on the couch and read !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hoping all have a relaxing weekend. Happy Reading !

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