Today’s question:
You may have noticed–the Winter Olympics are going on. Is that affecting your reading time? Have you read any Olympics-themed books? What do you think about the Olympics in general? Here’s your chance to discuss!
   In the past, I would be glued to the tv watching.  But for some reason, this year I haven’t watched that much.  This past weekend I had the Olympics on but the sound lowered and if I heard something that was interesting to me, I would watch.  I think part of it is habit also.  Usually during the week, I have a 24/7 news station on, again with sound lowered, and forget by the afternoon that the Olypics are on.  Another reason I think I haven’t been watching is my addiction to reading and blogging.  I will answer the question this way….in the past the Olympics definitely affected my reading time but today its the opposite.  I think another reason I haven’t been tuned in is that my current read is a book that I am having a hard time putting down !
**Go to one of your book blogs you visit (each week visit another blog)

**Click on their blog roll/blog lists.
**Find 1-5 blogs that are new to you from that list.
**Visit those new blogs (optional but would be nice…award them with the “Thursday Treasure” icon and become a follower)
**Post on your site the name of the blog you initially visited and the 3 new sites you found.
**Leave a comment here with a link to your site(if you don’t have a blog, list your finds here) so others may see the blogs you have found.
  (This is how I found the blogs that I have been following, by clcking on someone’s blog roll and my list kept growing.  I read an article that there are quite of few book blogs out there and like books, there are never too many good blogs…how I came to creating “Thursday Treasure”.  Would you like to find more good blogs and join in on the hunt.  Fo to my Memes tab and check it out)
  This week my hunt for new book blogs was via Kathy’s blog roll at Bermudaonion Blog Site (  I found 3 “new” to me sites that I look forward to reading and commenting on in the future.  Thank you Kathy for having these on your list.
          Lynne’s Book Reviews
          Bailey’s and Books    
          Michele One “L”      
Have a great Thursday !!!!! 

11 thoughts on “THURS

  1. Thank you for stopping at my blog, and always your warming comments. I always look forward to a visit from you. Yes, all my children are my miracle babies as far as I'm concerned. My life has been anything, but dull. ~hehe~, but now I get to rest and be happy here with you all, and have fun! Have a wonderful hurt-free day my friend! God Bless, and I hope you find all the books of your dreams.

  2. Thank you for stopping by…

    Jennifer….feel the same way.

    Lori….Loved your answer..tried leaving a comment but for some reason it would not post.

  3. Thanks for mentioning my blog! I've become a Follower on yours as well.

    I haven't read one book this week because of the Olympics, but if I was reading a book I couldn't put down, I probably wouldn't be watching TV so much.

    Headed to Colorado in an hour for a girls' trip. Should be fun 🙂

    Thanks again for "discovering" me.

  4. I am a big watcher. I am mutli-tasking…I'm watching Men's Curling and visiting blogs. Tonight I will watch and read during commericals.

  5. I haven't seen any of the Olympics at all, but ACC basketball has kept me distracted. Thanks for taking a peak at my blog roll!

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