Warning:  I started thinking (always dangerous) and looking at my blog and thought I should switch around my sidebars.  Hoping it will be better and its not just an idea born out of having so much free time on my hands while recuperating.  We shall see…………..

4 thoughts on “REMODELIING

  1. Looking forward to see what you come up with. I am always paranoid to mess with the HTML, so I am paying someone for a blog makeover.

  2. Julie: I am computer challenged and would never think of doing anything with HTML…just moving things around.

  3. your blog is so pretty, can't wait to see the changes, don't go too wild. lol

  4. Dollycas aka Lori: Thank you for the compliment and kind words. All I did was put reversed items from right side to left sidebar. Like I said..too much time on my hands while recuperating lol.

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