Yes !!!!  I took the plunge to have a web makeover.  With the help (and honest constructive criticism) and encouragement from Julie at Reading Without Restraint, I am having a make over.  Julie introduced me to Emily from Blogaholic Designs who I have been working with.  Emily has been nothing but kind, understanding, talented (you will see when she reveals what she has been working on) and most importantly..patient with someone who needs to take a course in Computer 101.  I felt that the daily postings were very hard to read on the pink background.  I also wanted a more “professional looking” blog so I contacted a fantastic designer.  So I apologize in advance while the new blog gets unveiled and items moved around, I hope it does not cause any inconvenience.  I hope you like…..and if you don’t….then blame Julie because she gave the thumbs up when I showed her the preview  lol.  

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