Jun 142010


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Yesterday, in my google reader, I saw a posting from the blog, Review From Here, where there was a Read-A-Thon starting today.  It starts today at 8am and goes thru until Sunday 06/20 at midnight.  I am throwing my hat, or should I say book, into the ring. 

Instead of choosing a goal of how many books I will read, especially since my books are usually well over 300 pages each.  I will be challenging my self to hours read.  And the number of hours for this challenge will be 40 hours for the week, a full time job lol.  Want to join, link provided above.  I will be reporting daily how I am doing.  And Good Luck to those who are participating.

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  9 Responses to “Mini Challenge (1 of 4)”

  1. Ooh a readathon. I can not join this one but will cheer you on! 😀

  2. Great idea! 40 hours should be doable, that's about 6 or 7 hours a day, which leaves time for other activities and plenty of sleep. I'm hoping to get through my list, but I would like to read at least 50 hours myself. 🙂 Thanks for participating!

  3. Em, that should be fun too!Glad you also participate in the readathon.Good luck!

  4. Good luck on the readathon. I was thinking about doing it but here I am and it has started. Have fun!

  5. Have fun!

  6. Hope you get lots of reading done.

  7. Enjoy your reading!

  8. Cant wait to see how you are doing honey! I'm a new follower (via google connect). Thanks for sharing your thoughts on your blog. Looks like i'll be digging into archives. When you get a chance please stop over at Safe Home Happy Mom and follow us as well. Have a terrific week!

  9. Good luck on achieving your goal! It seems like you have quite a backlog of review books, so this should help put a dent in the list!

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