Musing Mondays (2 of 4)

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Today’s Question:
  Who in your family (both immediate & extended) are readers, and who are not?
My Answer:
  There aren’t many family members, both immediate and extended, that read.  Matter of fact, I can only think of 3 people.  My cousin Jennifer, my Godmother Liz, and my son’s gf Jessica.  That’s it.  And unfortunately they all live out of state.  So many times, I would read a book I thought was worth discussing, but nobody around me were interested.  That is why when I stumbled upon a book blog, then started clicking their blog roll, I couldn’t believe that all these people share their thoughts on books.  I finally found someone, I should say, many, many friends that were interested.  Over the years, I have tried so hard to encourage my immediate family (hubby and 2 sons) to read, but never could.  But last summer, I have to say, hubby heard a book being discussed on a cable news show and ordered it.  So I started a quality time, reading by the pool book club.  I got him to at least open the book and read the first 2 chapters.  lol  Will try again this summer.

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6 thoughts on “Musing Mondays (2 of 4)

  1. I like your thoughts on todays musings, no one that is close to me likes the genre that I read, so it was great when I started a book blog, because now there are so many that I share that interest with.

    I love your blog, and its perfect for this Award Hope you enjoy it!!!

    Happy Reading

  2. I find it fun to read alot of the book readers blogs. It helps me to decide if I really want a book or not.

  3. I too, like the Reading Blogs. It helps me decide it I may want a book or not. I like your idea of a short book review. I will be back later and check them out.

  4. My husband has a job that requires some waiting time and I encourage him to pick up a book. He'd rather take his iPod. I should download a book on it and see if he likes to listen.

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