Just saw something on FB and wanted to share.  Vincent Zandri, who stopped by here last week and a few months ago, author of The Remains and Moonlight Falls is offering a great deal that will end tonight on Amazon.  You can download his newest book, The Remains, for ONLY $2.99.  I have this book in my TBR Review Schedule and can’t wait to read it.  If it is anything as phenomenal as Moonlight Falls, you will be getting a deal!!!!!   Why wait until it comes out in print at the end of the year.  Order it now…you won’t be disappointed!!!!!

4 thoughts on “Announcement…..

  1. Thanks for posting this!!!! If I had money to spare I probably would do it!!! LOL Sounds like a good author!!! I also love your new mouse icon, very neat!!!

  2. Thanks Cheryl! I am taking your word for it and downloaded onto my Kindle just now 🙂

    Bless you my friend! 🙂

  3. Hey, thanks for sharing this Cheryl…Yes,
    Stone House has made the E-Book version of the bestselling thriller available on Nook and all e-readers….just head over to Smashwords… :)))
    Cheers and thanks,

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