That wonderful time of year……

…………and no, you didn’t miss a holiday.
Just wanted to say a quick hello to everyone and let you know why I’m not participating in the Friday hops.  Hop?, I can’t stay awake for more than 30 min.  Yes…my dear hubby brought me home a present and it is called the flu.  So today I will be resting and and maybe even trying to get some reading in.  Have a good Friday all!!
sick monster smiley with coffee

15 thoughts on “That wonderful time of year……

  1. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear you're under the weather with that awful bug! Take care of yourself! We'll be here when you're better.

  2. Feel better Cheryl.

    This is my 2nd day back work and I am still coughing, I didn't have the flu, I had a cold virus which had me 'down' for 10 days, today makes 14.

  3. Hope you get better soon! Hope you can get reading in…that's the only good reason for a sick day in my opinion–to be sick enough to stay home and laze about, but well enough to be able to read.

  4. Oh Yuckie!!! Bad Husband!!! Well, lots of juice, tea with honey, & a lil' chicken zoup outta do the trick! LOTS OF REST! Get better! Hugs from afar! Don't want NO Flu bug!

  5. Get well soon Cheryl, know how much "fun" you are having right now as just got completely way in the last few days myself…
    Hugs and good thoughts friend and hope you are staying warm!

  6. awww Thank you soooo much everyone for all your kind words. I did get in a little reading and a lot of sleeping. Feeling a bit better. I think the rest helped. Thank you for caring.

  7. Hope you're feeling better by now. Love the slippers on that critter! Rest up Tootsie, there's a lot of reading to be done.

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