Irene Update

Hi everyone.  Just wanted to give you an update.  It’s approximately 7:45am and we are anxiously awaiting for what Irene has in store for us.  Right now as I watch CNN, I am concerned about my family and friends in the Philly area where it seems to be doing it’s damage, then onto CT where my other son is.  We are supposed to get the brunt of it later this afternoon.  But if what is happening outside is any indication, we are in for a wild ride.  The winds are already very gusty and picking up with heavy down pours.  We are quite concerned about flooding, loss of electricity and house damage but have prepared as much as we can and now we wait, which is always the hardest part.  For those in Irene’s path, stay safe.  And those who aren’t, please say a prayer for those who are.  Will be online as soon as I can.

7 thoughts on “Irene Update

  1. Stay safe, my friend. We'll be watching today as one of our daughters and the rest of my family live in MA right on the coast and my bff of 57 years lives on the ME coast just over the MA border. It's usually them worrying about us in FL. Hopefully you won't lose electricity or have any other damage. {{hugs}}

  2. What can I say? Stay safe just doesn't seem to do it, however, stay as safe as possible. I use to live in Western Maryland and know about what the wind and rain can do, as the hurricanes pass.

  3. Have been in the eye before and know it is nerve wracking waiting for it to do it's worst and then pass on. Take care Cheryl and my hopes and prayers for all to be well with you and yours, electrical outings and flooding are the ones that are the most horrible to live through.

  4. Stay safe my friend! Praying for you and yours! Let me know you're okay as soon as you can! Hugzzzz

  5. I live in Florida and have been through quite a few hurricanes so I know exactly how you feel.

    Will be praying for you, your family and friends.


  6. I am feeling for all of you. Bermuda is prepared but this is a complete different shock for all of you. I hear the flooding is terrible. Definitely saying prayers for all of you.

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