Hi Everyone:

Yesterday afternoon at approximately 2:30pm, my Mom lost her battle to kidney failure and I lost my Mom.  Unfortunately it was not the peaceful end that I had prayed for, but both her and I, were surrounded by our cousin, who is a Priest, and Ellen, the Chaplin at the Nursing Home who both prayed over her during her final hours and spoke such comforting words that  made the transition from this world to the next just a bit easier.

The final hour of her life, is a vision that I will never forget but only hope that she knew that I was holding her and trying to offer her as much comfort as I could as she began her journey.  As she took her last breath, even at my age, I had this overwhelming feeling of being lost, of being an orphan.

The next couple of days I have so much to do but am so numb that I don’t even know where to start.  Arrangements need to be made today, flights checked so that we can fly my son in from out of state, paperwork, etc, but I just can’t seem to organize myself due to feelings of numbness and the visions I have from yesterday, something I don’t think I will every forget, even being a former nurse.  My sister, who is handicapped and very religious, is doing so well.  Matter of fact, better than me and I am so very proud of her.

To those that still have your Moms, take time today to spend some time with her, call her, go out to lunch, visit and hug her.  To those that don’t, talk to her anyway, I believe our Moms will continue to watch over us.

Rest In Peace Mom, You are already missed and I Love You.

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