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It’s that time again, spring ahead!!  Even though we lose an hour of sleep and it takes me a few days to regulate my internal body clock,  I look forward to this.   It also means, I will now be turning on my computer with coffee mug in hand at 5am instead of 6am.  Even today, I planned on sleeping an hour later, but the internal alarm clock went off at 6am.  Personally, I wish the clocks remained on Daylight Savings Time throughout the year, but I understand why it can’t.    Especially, in this day and age, and the little ones waiting for their buses in the dark.

I was watching the news last night and they interviewed a doctor as to how changing of the clocks affects one’s body and found it interesting.    Two of the items (that I remember lol…senior moments were not one of them) were:

  • The Monday morning  rush hour traffic, following the changing of time, is the day of the year with the most traffic accidents.
  • There are more heart attacks seen in ERs 3 days following the changing of time.

I don’t know if it’s just psychological but I tend to have more energy and look forward to the longer days with sunlight.    I love seeing my perennials start to bloom and knowing that the warmer weather is right around the corner.    However, here in New England, I can’t complain as to the weather.  It’s been a very mild winter with hardly any snow, even my daffodils are confused, they started sprouting a few weeks ago in February!!   

What about you?   Does the time change affect you in anyway?   How long does it take you to readjust your body’s internal clock.   What are your thoughts about changing the time?

Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

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  1. I really only notice it that first day… when I have to get up”early”. Otherwise it passes. I think my body already adjusted as hubby and I were out last night and I thought good, Saturday I can sleep in and was out of bed by 6:20 am this morning…. just awake.

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