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This past week wasn’t a week that I spent much time reading, which disappointed me.  I did finish one book, Calico Joe by John Grisham, an ARC from Doubleday which I did enjoy and started Darkroom by Joshua Graham, also an ARC, for Partners In Crime Tours.  I just didn’t seem to have the time to pick up a book.  I was on a roll reading 2-3 books a week and was hoping for the same this past week but RL , Partners In Crime Tours and blogging kept me busy.   By the time I did pick up up my current read, it was right before going to bed but sleep took over after reading for approximately an hour.  It just wasn’t a productive week but I hope to rectify that this week because I don’t want to get into that type of routine.

Something very exciting, which I also felt it an honor, did happen to me this past week, It falls under both categories of reading/blogging, but will tell you about it here.  I received an email a couple of weeks ago from the V.P. of Marketing at Doubleday asking if I would read and review Calico Joe by John Grisham (see above).  I was a bit skeptical since I thought it was going to be about baseball, which I am not one that follows sports.  To my surprise it was much more than just baseball.  You can see my review here.  I finished the book in 2 days, wrote and posted my review and then sent the link to the contact person.  Right after posting my review, I went out and was gone most of the day.  When I arrived home and checked my email,  much to my surprise, I had received a response from the person who requested that I read the book.  He thanked me and then went on to say that he had posted my review on John Grisham’s FB page.  My review!!!  Me!!  Just your average blogger/avid reader from the smallest state, my review on the page of one of the great authors of our time.  I was definitely doing the happy dance, I was so thrilled, excited, overwhelmed and humbled.  Then I couldn’t believe how many hits it received.  Again me!!!  Me who didn’t even know this world existed until 2 years ago.  I never ever thought that could happen to me!!  Needless to say, I started texting my sons, family and friends to share my news.  My phenomenal sons were so happy for me, they even went to the site to see my name and texted me back with “Awesome, Mom” and “Wow..that’s great”.  That definitely was the highlight of my week!!

Real Life:
Boring…the usual daily household chores…laundry, grocery shopping, appointments, etc.  And on Wednesday, another day of working with an estate liquidation woman at my Mother’s house.  More progress made, but not done yet.  And on Thursday attended a Family and Friends afternoon at the assisted living my sister resides at.  She is severely handicapped but it is such a comfort to see how well she is doing after losing our Mom in September and her being “on her own”.  She didn’t stop talking telling me everything she is involved with, what she did and what committees she’s on.  I really am so proud of her.  I now call her the “social butterfly” and she laughs because every time I try to call her, she is never in her, as I call it, “her apartment”.  My Mom had told her that I would be in charge, even though my sister is older than me, and she knows that she is to call me at least every other day, which she does, except her “social life”  usually lasts after my bedtime lol.  Good for you Sis!!!

And that was my week.  How was your’s?

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10 thoughts on “Sunday Salon–John Grisham! Me!

  1. Congratulations about being contacted by Doubleday to review John Grisham’s book. You should feel honored…and they should, too.

    I lost my mother in December and we’re still working on her estate. It’s been tough. Nice to hear that your sister is doing well.

    Have a nice Sunday.

  2. I am so proud of you!!!! The news about your sister is great!! We would be social butterflies as well if we got together, no, take that back, we would just get in trouble. 🙂

  3. Great news about the Grisham book! I’ve been wanting to read Calico Joe, and I’m glad it’s not just about baseball (not my sport!).

    Good news about your “social butterfly” sister. It’s wonderful when those with challenges to face can overcome them enough to enjoy life.

    Thanks for sharing….


  4. You Go Girl!! It’s awesome that you’re review is posted on the authors FB pate!! I’m very happy for you!

    My reading week was slooow too. I’ve been trying to finish a book that I should have stopped reading 150 pages ago, but you know me. Gotta finish it!

    Glad to hear your sister is doing so good!! My niece is in an assisted living home and loves it. She’s had grand mal seizures since she was pre teen and it sure took a toll on her mind and body. God Bless them both, and others who have mental and physical disabilities!

    Hope you have a great week!

  5. Hi Cheryl! It looks like you & your blog are doing great! I am doing well too. I just wanted to let you know I was thinking of you. I got a new cell phone a few weeks ago and lost a bunch of my contact numbers. Please give me a call! I miss my blogger bff…..

    Julie 🙂

  6. Wow! Congratulations of having your review posted on his site. That is really wonderful that they picked you to do it!!!!!

    Good that your sister is having fun flitting here and there.


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