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Hi Everyone!  Wishing you a very Happy and Safe Memorial Day Weekend!!

Saturday Snippet Soapbox

I saw something this morning as I was visiting my daily routine stops and it really bothered me.  I have talked about it briefly in the past but thought I would get on my soapbox and discuss it today with y’all.  Hoping we can have a discussion and/or you will share your thoughts on the subject.

What was it?  This:

Seeking a reviewer
Hi, I offer professional reviews on I have review other books on religion and Christianity. I do this for a fee. I also offer… more »(source LinkedIn)

My Thoughts:
I understand the majority of us, in the book blogging community, are not “professional” reviewers but ordinary every day consumers who share our opinions of books we have read.  Some do or do not have degrees in English Literature and/or writing, but we do have opinions.  A great number of book bloggers write great reviews, another one of my opinions.

I came on the scene a bit late so maybe I shouldn’t be taking on this subject, but then it has been 2+ years so I think I can speak a little about the neighborhood.  My TBR list has tripled because of your reviews and I thank you, I think lol, for that.  I value your honesty and respect your opinions or my TBR list wouldn’t be the size it is.

Over the past 2+ years, I feel and sense that we are taken more seriously as to our feelings on books.  If not, I don’t think authors, publishers, publicists, etc would contact us for reviews.  We no longer are “just mommy blogs” or people who just blog as a hobby.  I think, again my opinion, that the majority of us take reviewing seriously.  Most bloggers conduct and maintain their blogs in a professional, credible, with integrity, serious and more as a job than a hobby fashion.

My questions regarding paid reviews:  Are they really going to be honest?  If one is writing a review that has received payment, are they REALLY going to write a soso review or worse?  How can that be an honest and credible review?  Some of us post our reviews on Amazon, B&N, and other sites and now our reviews are going to be lumped together with “paid for reviews”.  I will be honest, I do read reviews on those sites, however, I won’t be taking any of them seriously now.  I will stick to those bloggers that I know are credible and  who I have to thank for my TBR list.  But what about the average consumer that don’t know about the book blogging community and honest reviews?  Is that fair to the reading public and to those that decide on a purchase due to paid reviews?

I will now step off my soap box, refill my coffee cup and move on to my next stop, my google reader to see who has written reviews on books that I am interested in and to see if they get added to my TBR list.  What are your feelings, thoughts and opinions on this?   Am I wrong in my thinking on this matter?  If I am misunderstanding this, then would greatly appreciate your comments to better understand.  Criticism accepted lol.

I have not paid for any comments left. If there are responses, they are the honest opinions of those who took the time to leave their opinion.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Snippet/Soapbox

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I would be surprised to find negative reviews for “paid reviewers”. I just wish as a consumer, we know (when reading a review) if the reviewer was paid, because it would affect the weight I gave to that review.

  2. Thank you Diane for your thoughts. I think it should be noted as you mentioned, just so that we the consumers, could make a valid, non biased and appropriate decision when buying a specific book.

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