Guest Author Steena Holmes

I have hosted many gifted and talented authors via WOW and today you will meet another one of their amazing female writers.  I have the honor to introduce you to Ms. Steena Holmes!!


Author of the new heart wrenching story “Finding Emma”, Steena is a woman who believes that ‘in the end, everything succumbs…to the passions of your heart’. Steena’s life revolves around her family, friends and fiction.

Come along with Emma on a scavenger hunt!
We’re going to the Carnival! At each stop along Steena’s tour there is a hidden word–something you would find at a fair or carnival. Find the word and enter it at the Scavenger Hunt page on Steena’s website
( Each entry is an extra ticket to win! Need more clues? Join us at the Carnival Board on Pinterest (
where we will post images of the clues. Join in the fun by leaving your own favorite carnival pics! Read about prizes and additional details on The Muffin.(

First Prize: Work with a Bestselling Author.
Our Grande Prize winner will help create a character for Steena Holmes’ next book!
Second and Third Prize Winners will each receive a signed copy of Finding Emma and a special pewter angel figurine from The Missing Children’s Society of Canada, an organization dedicated to bringing children home.


Passion. One simple word that means so much.

If you look around, you’ll see passion ever where. It’s in the eyes of a new mom as she gazes down at her newborn. In the face of an elderly man as he holds the woman he’s loved for a lifetime in his arms one last time. It’s the steadiness found in a doctor who prepares themselves to save the life of their patient. It’s there in a child’s determined grip on a pencil as they learn how to write their name for the first time.

Passion is that spark in your heart that gets you through the day when you feel like the world is against you. It’s what help you finish the marathon even when you don’t think you can walk another step. It’s what motivates you to do more — to be more.

It’s hard to watch the passion in someone’s life dwindle and die. You see that sparkle in their eye disappear and it haunts you, knowing that there’s nothing you can do. But it’s an individual choice to allow that passion to thrive – because passion – in any form – requires strength. And let’s be honest, we don’t always have the strength. Sometimes it’s hard to get up every morning and keep doing what you’ve always been doing. It’s hard to always be fighting for what you believe, to always be going against the crowd. To always be wrong when everyone else believes they are right.

But, it’s worth it – isn’t it? It has to be. Passion is what builds nations, or sees communities thrive. It’s what carries on the flame during the Olympics or feeds the hungry in countries without enough resources. It’s what lights up the night sky with fireworks every year to celebrate huge monumental changes in our world and what leaves a lump in your throat when you try not to cry after seeing someone stop during a race to help a fellow competitor who fell. Passion is the key to living a life with purpose and strength and determination.

Passion. One little word that holds the key to so much! Do you have that passion in your life?



 A child torn from the arms of loving parents, a relationship torn apart from loss… Megan sees her daughter Emma everywhere. She’s the little girl standing in the supermarket, the child waiting for the swings at the playground, the girl with ice cream dripping down her face. But it’s never Emma. Because Emma’s been missing for two years. Unable to handle the constant heartache of all the false sightings, Megan’s husband threatens to walk away unless Megan can agree to accept Emma is gone. Megan’s life and marriage is crumbling all around her and she realizes she may have to do the thing she dreads most: move on. When Megan takes a photo of a little girl with an elderly couple at the town fair, she believes it to be her missing daughter. Unable to let go, she sets in motion a sequence of events that could destroy both families lives.

50% of the proceeds of this book will be donated to The Missing Children’s Society of Canada – an organization dedicated to reuniting families. Visit for more information.



I received a copy of this book, at no charge to me,
in exchange for my honest review.
No items that I receive
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  1. Thank you for having me on your blog today and for not only allowing me to do a post on having passion in our lives but for also sharing Finding Emma with others!

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