I’m not participating in my usual Wednesday Meme, W.W.W. Wednesday, since I haven’t opened a book in a couple of weeks (hanging head in shame) but have been very busy sitting in front of the computer.

Over the past few weeks, there has been much work, changes and news in Partners In Crime Tours (a virtual PR tour company for authors of mystery, suspense and crime novels, which some of you may know that for the past year, I have been a partner in.

On Friday the 13th, which turned out to be a very lucky day for the “Mash” family, my son got engaged and my partner turned over the reins to me and I bought the company.  Molly will still be part of the group, assisting me and booking her authors.

A couple of weeks ago, I was in the right place and the right time.  I was approached by Harper Collins, having sent an email asking if I could be put on their list of reviewers.  Out of that came the inquiry about Partners In Crime Tours.  And a tour was booked!!  Not just any tour, a LAURA LIPPMAN tour of her newest novel And When She Was Good.  HUGE!!

And if that wasn’t enough, over the past couple of months, I’ve known about another group I would be teaming up with, but until it was official, I couldn’t say anything.  I can now as it will be published in their August newsletter.  Partners In Crime Tours is teaming up with ITW (International Thrill Writers), big names, both with authors and publishers.  Again, HUGE!!!

Because of the above, we are having a recruitment for new hosts/reviewers to join our group.  Would you like to join?  Read some fantastic titles?  If interested fill in the questionnaire below and email me at  You would go on our master mailing list and when a tour is booked, I would send out the details (tour dates, synopsis, etc).  You decide which tour you would like to participate in.  

MAILING ADDRESS (if applicable):

I hope you will consider becoming part of the Partners In Crime Tours group!!!

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