Review “Sweat” by Mark Gilleo

Sweat by Mark Gilleo
Published by: The Story Plant
Publication Date: August 28, 2012
ISBN-10: 1611880513
ISBN-13: 978-1611880519
Pages: 366
Review Copy from: The Story Plant
Edition: ARC Kindle
My Rating: 5


When Jake Patrick took a summer internship at his estranged father’s corporation, he anticipated some much-needed extra cash and a couple of free meals from his guilty dad. He would have never guessed that he’d find himself in the center of an international scandal involving a U.S. senator that was rife with conspiracy, back-room politics, and murder. Or that his own life would hang in the balance. Or that he’d find help – and much more than that – from a collection of memorable characters operating on all sides of law. Jake’s summer has turned into the most eventful one of his life. Now he just needs to survive it.

From the sweatshops of Saipan to the most powerful offices in Washington, SWEAT rockets through a story of crime and consequences with lightning pacing, a twisting plot, an unforgettable cast of characters, and wry humor. It is another nonstop thriller from one of the most exciting new voices in suspense fiction.

My Thoughts and Opinion:
I was first introduced to Mark Gilleo when I read his debut novel, Love Thy Neighbor, back in March. You can read my review here. I was blown away with that novel on so many levels because it was not high on my list for plots, being in the espionage genre, having 400+ pages, which I read in a matter of a few days because I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough and a debut novel that read as if it was written by a seasoned author.

Now comes his 2nd novel, which I couldn’t wait to read but honestly was a bit skeptical because the bar was set so high. Could it be as good or better? Would it compare? The answer is a resounding Yes!! There are so many facets of his writing style that appeal to me. The dialogue between characters are so realistic and fluid that I have the feeling that I am eavesdropping on a conversation. The action is non stop from the first page to the last word. The characters three dimensional and animated. The “espionage” is not so detailed and deep, that I have to figure out the inner workings of a department where it would get boorish. The settings vivid. The story lines are fiction imitating reality or reality could be possible with imitating fiction.The plot was a page turner and heart pounding.

Sweat takes place over a 5 week time span traveling from Seattle, WA to Saipan and ending in Washington, D.C.. with a premise ripped from the headlines. A multi cat and mouse chase at the speed of a run away train. Sweat has it all and more, unethical politicians, kidnapping, murder, greed, bribery, assassination attempts, deceit, greed, truth, police procedural investigations, betrayals, forced labor, stake outs, organized crime, friendships, love relationships and an ending that will leave the reader wanting a sequel. Another amazing, white knuckle read!! Mark Gilleo is both talented and gifted when it comes to page turning story telling. A master!! Bravo!! A book not to be passed by!! Extraordinary!!!

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