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Hello Sunday Saloners!!  It’s been a while since I have posted but due to being in a reading slump and busy with PICT and PBP tours, there hasn’t been much to report.  But this week is  different.  I started reading again and also had an event take place that I wanted to share.

Reading:  As I mentioned, I have been in a slump, reading just one book in September.  And   after spending so much time in front of a computer, working on tours for Partners In Crime Tours (PICT) and the newly launched Providence Book Promotions (PBP), my eyes are too tired to read.   I had even signed up to participate in Seasons of Reading Read-A-Thon, hoping that would help, but unfortunately I didn’t make it.  But then I knew just how to jump start my reading, and that’s reading one written by a favorite author, Vincent Zandri.  He is touring with PICT this month with one of his newly published books, The Disappearance of Grace.  Yup!!  That’s what I needed!!!  And now, I am looking forward to the Dewey Read-A-Thon this coming weekend. 

Blogging:  Besides working on tour to-dos, I have, also,  fallen behind on my blog.  A few weeks ago, during a 2 week span, I had spent time away from the computer for long periods of time due to RL issues, and have been trying to catch up on my posts.  I like to draft up my guest author showcases and giveaways in advance so that they are ready to go and not have to scramble at the last minute, which is what I have been doing and not liking it. 

Real Life:  This was definitely the highlight of my week!!!!!  Months ago, I had read and reviewed a book for WOW!, Ragdoll Redeemed: Growing Up in the Shadow of Marilyn Monroe by Dawn Novotny.

The book, a memoir, blew me away!!  It left quite an impression on me!!.  I had read it way in advance of my scheduled tour date, and knowing this was the first time the author was on tour, I sent her my drafted review to let her know what I thought.  From there we corresponded through emails and a friendship developed.  Dawn, in one email asked where I lived and when I told her, she responded that she was coming to RI in October for a conference.  We instantly made plans and was so looking forward to meeting her.  This past Tuesday, the day was finally here.  I picked her and an associate up from the airport, which was kind of funny, because they loaded the car with their luggage and jumped in, since it was raining and it was like I was picking up an old friend who just returned home.  The conversation just started to flow on the way to their hotel.  Once at the hotel, they checked in and Dawn and I met at the restaurant.  Again, without missing a beat, the conversation started and didn’t stop.  She is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.  Absolutely beautiful!!!!

We talked about anything and everything.  Unfortunately, due to her long flight and the time difference, we called it a night.  I am just amazed by her story, her life, her outlook, her accomplishments.  She is a true inspiration!   Matter of fact, a couple of things we talked about, were so powerful, that I sat back and just took it in.  But knew from that moment on, I would be using her philosophy on life.  On Wednesday night, I had just finished eating, the husband had left on a business trip, and I was just relaxing and waiting for the Presidential debate to start and the phone rang.  It was Dawn, and again without missing a beat, the conversation started and continued, talking about dinner the night before, politics, her conference, etc.  She was, like me, resting from her day and waiting for the debate to air.  I know that this friendship will continue via phone, emails and hopefully another night out in the future!!

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  1. HI,

    Just walked in the door from a long day of traveling back to WA. state..

    Thank you for your sweet words and ‘back at you girlfriend’. You are a true delight.

    Warmly, dawn

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