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Today’s question:
Any reading resolutions for the new year? Reading more? (Reading less?) Reading better books? Bigger books? More series? More relaxing books?
And hey, feel free to talk about any other resolutions you might have, too … or why you choose NOT to have any.

My response:
Resolutions…wondering does anyone really keep their’s throughout the year.  I know I never have so I don’t really make any.  Hower, I do have “hopes” for the New Year.  Some include reading and other’s personal.

When it comes to reading, I hope to make time for more reading.  This past year due to health issues and being very busy with the VT companies, which is a great thing, I just couldn’t find the time to read.  And if I did, I found myself dozing off, which could be age lol.

On a personal level, 2013 is going to be an exciting year for the “Mash” family with our youngest son getting married on Nov. 16th.  And with that comes mother of the groom dress shopping, planning a shower, rehearsal dinner and all the other things that the groom’s parents need to do.  However, I refuse to shop for a dress before I take off the weight I put on since my surgery.  So diet is my #1 goal.

What about you?  Any resolutions either for reading and/or personal?  Would love to hear!!

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