Review: An Anniversary Feast by Michael Baron

An Anniversary Feast by Michael Baron
Published by The Story Plant
Publication Date: January 14th, 2014
Pages: 60
Review Copy from: Personal Purchase
Edition: Kindle
My Rating: 4

Synopsis (via Amazon):
Deborah Gold and her boyfriend Sage are celebrating their three-month anniversary, marking one of the longest relationships Deborah has had in a young life of too much work and not nearly enough play. They have a special, very romantic day planned, one that will culminate in a sumptuous meal at one of the hottest restaurants in the country. When they wake up to a blizzard, though, they realize that not only have their evening plans changed, but everything they were going to do for their celebration has been snowed out. Fortunately, for a couple of food lovers like Deborah and Sage, there’s a day’s worth of entertainment available in trying to turn the limited supplies in Sage’s apartment into a fine-dining experience. The adventure this entails will challenge their creativity and define their relationship in ways they’ve never before considered.

The second of four novelettes about the Golds, who we first met in the national bestseller LEAVES, AN ANNIVERSARY FEAST is a cornucopia of food and romance.

My Thoughts and Opinion:
In this novelette sequel to Leaves, we are reacquainted with Deborah, one of the 5 Gold siblings. Since selling the family inn, which she was the chef, Deborah has settled into her new life, including her relationship with Sage. Plans for their 3 month anniversary, an elaborate dinner at a friend’s restaurant, are thwarted by a blizzard, but together, they prepare a gourmet meal from items in Sage’s pantry.

This is the second of four novelettes, that will be published, that showcases each member of the Gold family, ending with a full length novel Everything of Nothing. The remaining novelettes are titled Harmony and Putting Yourself Out There. My review of Recovery can be seen here.

Reading the first two novelettes, felt as if I was catching up with old friends.

Not only did I enjoy “catching up” with Deborah, but also the chapter entitled “a note from the author” in which he relates how each Gold sibling was “born”.

The only thing I didn’t enjoy was the length. Michael Baron’s writing always leaves this reader wanting to read more of his characters. I am now anxiously awaiting the next installment. Warning: do not read this sequel if you are hungry. The food descriptions will have your mouth watering.

Highly recommend not only this novelette but any and all of Mr. Baron’s titles.

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