Review: RECOVERY by Michael Baron

Recovery by Michael Baron
Published by: The Story Plant
Publication Date: Nov. 19th, 2013
ASIN: B00E79005K
Pages: 66
Review Copy from: The Story Plant
Edition: Kindle
My Rating: 5

Synopsis (borrowed from Amazon):
As November chill settles on the town of Oldham, CT, the world has shifted under the feet of Corrina and her teenaged stepson Ryan. Contending with tradition when nothing is the way it used to be is a challenge for the steadiest of relationships – and no one would ever define Corrina and Ryan’s relationship that way. But tradition is still staring them in the face, and they’re going to have to deal with it whether they want to or not. On a day when Ryan is too vulnerable to fight, he agrees to spend some time with his stepmother. Will it be the first stage in their recovery, or a final passage together before they go their separate ways forever?

In the first of four novelettes about the Golds – who we first met in Leaves – Michael Baron further explores the nuances, complexities, and unique comforts of family and shows that “nothing will be the same” has a multitude of connotations.

My Thoughts and Opinion:
I have been a huge fan of Michael Baron, enjoying every book written by him and even this novelette did not disappoint.

Recovery is a sequel novelette to Leaves. Leaves tells a story of 5 siblings dealing with the loss of not only their parents, but their decision to sell their family Inn.

In Recovery, Mr. Baron brings the reader up to speed on Corinna, (due to spoiler, will be vague) after a traumatic ending in Leaves. I felt that I was catching up with a friend. Emotional and tender, characteristics of Mr. Baron’s writing.

I understand that there will be 4 novelettes released, each chronicling one of the Gold siblings, which leads up to the next novel, Everything or Nothing. I can’t wait to read all the subsequent novelettes to see how each Gold family member is since Leaves.

If you haven’t read a Michael Baron book, you truly are missing out on an exceptional author. I highly recommend any and/or all books.

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