THE FIX by Robert Downs (Review & Giveaway)

THE FIX by Robert Downs
Genre: Noir
Published by Black Opal Books
Publication Date: Dec. 2, 2017
ISBN: 9781626948174
Pages: 166
Review Copy From: Author
Edition: Kindle

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Professional gambler, Johnny Chapman, plays the hand he’s dealt, but when he’s dealt a series of losers, he decides to up the ante with more money than he can afford to lose. Just when he thinks his life can’t get any worse, it does. The loan shark he owes the money to demands that he pay up and sends his goons after him. The man offers Johnny one way out—fix a race by fatally injecting the dog most likely to win. A piece of cake, Johnny thinks, until he looks into the big brown eyes of the beautiful dog, and the price suddenly seems too great to pay. Now Johnny’s on the run and the goons are closing in…

My Thoughts

This novella was the first I have read by this author.

For me personally, I enjoy novellas to get acquainted with an author’s work, but it always seems I usually want more of the particular story.

Johnny Chapman has 2 addictions, gambling and alcohol. He also, being good looking and charismatic, can also be a “ladies man”. And he is down on his luck in all 3 departments.

He has been on a losing streak and can’t pay off his debts so the loan shark has a proposition for him. Rig a dog race by injecting the favorite to win with an injection of “hormones” before the race. But as the synopsis states, he can’t do it to this innocent animal and walks away. However, not a good idea, when he has to outrun those that he is indebted to. Thus begins the fight of his life to stay alive.

A fast paced journey of suspense with a bit of romance thrown in. As the story unfolds, the reader is taken on a wild ride of Chapman’s fear to survive and outsmart the tough guys. Even to the point of armed robbery and murder. But is it reality, dreams, and/or alcohol-induced visions? The reader will have to decide.

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