Nov 012019

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This week’s Fill-Ins:

  1. I never read ____________________.
  2. I mainly read______________.
  3. The beginning of a new month _________.
  4. _______ makes me feel silly.

My answers:

  1. I never read Harry Potter or 50 Shades of Grey.

  2. I mainly read Thriller/Mystery and Women’s Fiction.

  3. The beginning of a new month means paying bills.

  4. I rarely drink but when I do, 2-3 glasses of wine makes me feel silly.

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  2 Responses to “Friday | Friendly Fill-Ins”

  1. Great answers.

    I have never read those books either.

    ENJOY your weekend, Cheryl.

  2. Thank you for participating. Sorry I am so late.If you lived near me, I would give you a bottle of my hubby;s homemade wine. Have a nice week!

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