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PTBT Presents Publication Day: OVER THE EDGE by Susan Lohrer


Over The Edge by Susan Lohrer
Genre: Fiction, Romance, Contemporary
Published by: 5 Prince Books
Publication Date: July 25, 2013
Digital: ISBN 13:978-1-939217-73-8 ISBN 10: 1-939217-73-3
Print: ISBN 13:978-1-939217-74-5 ISBN 10: 1-939217-74-1

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“Sometimes love sends you sailing over the edge.”
Kat Cherish, high school principal and activist (a combination that hasn’t been great for her career) heads back to her hometown to mend her dignity only to discover her estranged kid sister is a mess… and their childhood home is for sale. Getting the house back just might be the only thing that can put Kat’s complicated family back together… if she can cope with her mixed feelings for her ex-boyfriend, who’s been hired to completely remodel her house for another potential buyer… and if she doesn’t lose her new job because of the outrageous antics she’s pulling to keep her sister out of trouble.


Kat shifted her wrists in the steel handcuffs. Rough, ancient bark pressed against her cheek, and the damp air intensified the resinous tang of the virgin forest. She’d been here since dawn—long enough to be on a first-name basis with Harvey, the Douglas fir. Which, if she let herself consider for more than a minute at a time, was kind of a weird development for a grown woman who had a respectable career. She’d consider it in more depth later. Right now she had enough on her mind.

A gust of coastal wind snatched her hat, and chilly rain plastered her hair to her scalp and trickled down her neck, making her teeth chatter. Nearby, a group of men wielded wrenches on a logging machine that refused to start. One of her students, the school board superintendent’s son, retrieved the hat and plopped it back on Kat’s head.

“Don’t worry,” he whispered, “they’re not going to get that machine going anytime soon.”

Alarm nibbled the back of her mind like a classroom gerbil gnawing a toilet paper tube.
“There’d better not be a reason you know that.”

He laughed. “I’m just saying.” Then, calling to his friends, he trotted off.

Kat wondered whether she’d still have her job at the end of the day.

The superintendent had made it clear she’d lose it in a blink if the kids did anything more than show up, and Kat had made them promise not to chain themselves to any trees. So far, all they’d done was text the protest’s breaking news to their friends… unless they’d messed with the equipment before she got here this morning. The thought made her stomach feel like she’d eaten fir needles for lunch. She stared up into the dense boughs radiating from Harvey’s trunk high above her.

“You don’t think the kids wrecked that machine, do you, Harv? I mean, they know my career is at stake here.” Harvey only sighed in the wind, branches waving toward the broken-down machine. Yeah, it had Kat a little worried, too.

She flexed her shoulders, stiff from the hours she’d spent shackled to the tree. She wasn’t against logging; she lived in a wood-frame house and used reams of paper. What school principal didn’t? And the logging industry in Mills Creek fed a lot of families.
In the last few hours, she’d had a chance to reevaluate her reasons for chaining herself to this tree. This was about so much more than the environment. It was about standing up for someone who couldn’t stand up for herself. Or in Harvey’s case, himself. It was about choices that had been taken away from her. It was about the fact that sometimes, no matter how wrong you were, you couldn’t undo what you’d done.

Her goal wasn’t to stop the logging, this community’s lifeblood. It was to protect something beautiful and precious. If she could win this one small battle, do this one small good deed, save just this one tree, maybe it would somehow make amends in her heart for what she’d let happen to her family.

A Jeep rattled up the steep gravel road and pulled off on the landing, followed a few seconds later by a police car. Kat’s stomach clenched.

A man exited the passenger door of the Jeep. His footsteps scuffed on the dirt road. Craning her neck, she peered through slanting late-afternoon shadows, making out only his easy gait and the set of his broad shoulders. Had they brought in a negotiator? He leaned into the police car for a minute, then stood, head down, hands on his hips, like a man bearing a heavy burden.

She almost felt sorry for the guy. She might look like a waterlogged rat at the moment, but he had no idea what he was up against. A tiny smirk crept over her mouth.

Now that this block of forest had been opened up to clear-cut logging, Harvey would have to watch while his family was torn away, one by one. She knew how he felt because the same thing had happened to her, until she had just one family member left. And she and Lacey weren’t even on speaking terms at the moment.

She dug her fingers into Harvey’s sturdy bark. “What am I doing talking to trees instead of making things right between Lacey and me?”

Soft footfalls on the carpet of needles behind her.

She straightened as much as she could. The chain connecting the two sets of handcuffs slipped and pulled her down with it until she had to slump against the tree trunk.
“Kat, what are you doing?” He sounded as exhausted as she felt. Sounded… disturbingly familiar.

That voice. Evan. Here? Memories grabbed her heart and sliced through it like the blade of the nearby feller buncher waiting to chop the young trees from their roots—if the loggers could get it running again. She strained her eyes to the left, looking without turning her head.

Evan was watching her, jaw clenched, rainwater slicking his blond hair.

She blinked the water from her eyes.

He was still there.

Not a gorgeous hallucination. A gorgeous reality. Her pulse whumped in her ears.

What was she doing? That was easy—she was running away from her failure to keep her family together. But what was Evan doing?

About Susan Lohrer:
Susan Lohrer grew up all over western Canada and lives in BC with her husband, their two children who are still at home, three dogs, and far too many aquariums. She believes life is always better with a healthy dose of humor.
How to contact Susan Lohrer:
Facebook | Twitter | Website


Announcement: 2013 ITW Winners





The ballots are in and votes have been counted. The International Thriller Writers (ITW) is proud to announce the most thrilling authors of 2013. The winners of this year’s ITW Thriller Awards are:

2013 THRILLERMASTER AWARD: Anne Rice, one of America’s most beloved and celebrated authors, has 31 written novels, including The Vampire ChroniclesSongs of the Seraphim and the new Wolf Gift Chronicles. She has sold nearly 100 million books.

Presented by R.L. Stine, 2011 ThrillerMaster


2012 SILVER BULLET AWARDSteve Berry, The New York Timesand internationally bestselling author of The King’s Deception, The Jefferson Key, The Columbus Affair and nine more novels, Berry was honored for his philanthropic work on behalf of fellow writers and historic preservation.

Presented by Brad Meltzer, 2009 Silver Bullet Award


Brian Freeman – SPILLED BLOOD (Silver Oak)


Sean Doolittle – LAKE COUNTRY (Bantam)


Matthew Quirk – THE 500 (Reagan Arthur Books)


CJ Lyons – BLIND FAITH (Minotaur Books)


Dan Krokos – FALSE MEMORY (Hyperion Books CH)


John Rector – LOST THINGS (Thomas & Mercer)

There’s only one event where you can find New York Times best-selling authors lurking around every single corner, literary agents actually appearing in broad daylight and fans openly plotting and conspiring with the most feared and revered names of the thriller genre. Please join us next year from July 9-12, 2014 for ThrillerFest IX, the International Thriller Writers’ ninth annual celebration of all things Thriller is the largest event of its kind in the world.  The highlight of the festival will be the gala ITW Thriller Awards Banquet during which a fresh batch of authors will be announced as the chosen heroes of

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The Story Plant Presents: AUTHOR OF THE MONTH

I had to share this since Michael Baron is one of my favorite authors, having read every book and anxiously awaiting the sequel to LEAVES.  If you haven’t read his books, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!!  Check out my reviews for his books (click on titles below):

From THE STORY PLANT:  A new month means a new Author of the Month! This month, we are featuring Michael Baron, author of multiple nationally bestselling books. For the duration of the month, The Journey Home will be on sale for $0.99 and everything else will be on sale for $2.99! We are also featuring excerpts and guest posts on our blog every day from Michael. To learn more about this program and his books, please visit our website.




Crossing The Bridge, The Journey Home, Spinning, Anything, When You Went Away, A Winter DIscovery and Leaves


The most thrilling event
of the year is back!

The International Thriller Writers (ITW) brings ThrillerFest VIII on July 10-13, 2013 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in NYC to celebrate the art of the thrill.


This year ThrillerMaster Anne Rice takes a bite of the Big Apple at ThrillerFest VIII July 10-13, 2013

New York City is once again the setting for Gotham noir as the International Thriller Writers (ITW) brings ThrillerFest VIII to town from July 10-13, 2013 at the Grand Hyatt Hotel to celebrate the art of the thrill.

Spines are already tingling for the legendary Anne Rice, Queen of the Gothic Thriller, who will make a rare appearance to serve as the 2013 ThrillerMaster. Rice is the author of 31 novels, including The Vampire Chronicles, Songs of the Seraphim and the new Wolf Gift Chronicles.

“This is the place where fans can mingle with writers, novices can learn from pros, industry professionals can share their secret passion with librarians, and everyone can have one heck of a great time,” says ThrillerFest Executive Director Kimberley Howe.

New this year at ThrillerFest is FanFest, an opportunity for thriller writers to give back to their most loyal fans. These lucky readers will join such big-league talent as Joseph Finder, John Lescroart, M.J. Rose, Steve Berry and R.L. Stine, for a cocktail party that would impress even Nick and Nora Charles. The event will include a special kickoff book signing, gifts and a chance to mix and mingle with their favorite authors.

Spotlight guests, who will add to the pulse-pounding excitement, include:

· Michael Connelly—Author of the number one New York Times bestsellers The Drop, The Fifth Witness, The Reversal, The Scarecrow, The Brass Verdict and The Lincoln Lawyer, as well as the Harry Bosch series. His most recent novel is The Black Box. A former newspaper reporter, Connelly has won numerous awards for his fiction.



· T. Jefferson Parker—One of only three two-time winners of the prestigious Edgar Award for Best Novel, Parker is the bestselling author of 20 novels including L.A. Outlaws, Storm Runners, and the award-winning Silent Joe and California Girl. His most recent novel is The Famous and the Dead.



· Michael Palmer—Famous for his bestselling medical and political suspense, Palmer’s most recent novel is was Political Suicide. His book, Extreme Measures, became a film starring Gene Hackman. A physician, Palmer helps doctors with physical and mental illness, as well as drug dependence and alcoholism.



· Silver Bullet Award Recipient Steve Berry—The New York Times and number one internationally bestselling author of The Jefferson Key, The Columbus Affair and soon-to-be-released The King’s Deception and nine more novels, Berry will be honored for his philanthropic work on behalf of fellow writers and historic preservation.



· Corporate Silver Bullet Award Recipient USO—The USO will be honored for making Operation Thriller a reality. This past November marked the third USO Operation Thriller tour, which took Kathleen Antrim, Michael Connelly, Joseph Finder, Brad Meltzer, and Andy Harp to the Middle East to entertain the troops.

The thrills continue with two of ThrillerFest’s most anticipated events: CraftFest, where the best authors in the business share secrets with fellow writers, and AgentFest, “speed-dating” with the top agents in publishing.

It all culminates with the 2013 ITW Thriller Awards Banquet, during which Steve Berry will receive the Silver Bullet Award and the awards for best novel; best debut novel and best short story will be finally revealed — a riveting climax to a sensational event.

The International Thriller Writers is an honorary society of more than 1,300 authors in 22 countries with more than three billion books in print. To make a reservation for the suspense-inspired four-day adventure, please visit

Event highlights include:

ThrillerFest opens with a bang on Thursday night with a cocktail party hosting all authors, industry executives and conference attendees. Authors are open and accessible to chat with fans.

  • Anne Rice, the 2013 ThrillerMaster, will be interviewed by her son, Christopher Rice, during a spotlight session.
  • Author Daniel Palmer interviews his father, New York Times-bestselling novelist and ThrillerFest Spotlight guest Michael Palmer.
  • Bestselling novelist MJ Rose interviews international bestselling author Steve Berry and Liz Berry about their non-profit History Matters. Steve is the 2013 ITW Silver Bullet Award recipient.
  • A bestselling author of over 25 books, Jon Land interviews thriller-superstar and Spotlight guest Michael Connelly.
  • Award-winning author D.P. Lyle, MD interviews T. Jefferson Parker, Spotlight guest and two-time winner of the Edgar Award for Best Novel.

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Announcement from author, KAREN BERNER

Karen Berner, author of A Whisper to a Scream, Until My Soul Gets It Right, and A Bibliophile Christmas and who has been a visitor here at CMash Reads is having a special giveaway.  Please stop by and visit her new FB page.

From Karen:

To celebrate the second edition releases of the first two Bibliophiles novels, contemporary fiction author Karen Wojcik Berner is holding a giveaway on her brand-new Facebook page, . Stop by for your chance to win Amazon gift cards and signed copies of “A Whisper to a Scream” and “Until My Soul Get It Right.” The contest will end on May 24.


The Story Plant-Author of the Month

If you a frequent visitor, then you know that  I  am a big fan of The Story Plant’s authors and titles.  They have started a new campaign, Author of the Month and I thought I would share with you.  This month’s author has been a repeat visitor at CMash Reads for his previous novels, Blood Of My Brother and  Gods and Fathers.

From The Story Plant:

February marks the beginning of an exciting time for our authors here at The Story Plant. Each month, for the next nine months, we are going to feature an author with deep discounts on their books. For February, our featured author is James LePore. Author of several national best selling books, Jim is looking forward to connecting with readers in new and exciting ways.


Throughout the entire month, we will be featuring Jim and his books in a different way. We’ve partnered with all of our online retailers to price down the digital editions of his novels. Sons and Princes will be priced at $0.99 for the month, while A World I Never Made, Blood of my Brother, and Gods and Fathers will all be priced at $2.99. On February 12, we are excited to bring to you Jim’s newest work, The Fifth Man. This book returns us to the world of Chris Massi first created in Sons and Princes.

In addition to offering you Jim’s books at lower prices, we are also going to be featuring Jim throughout our social media channels. We’ll be posting Q&A’s he’s answered, as well as blog posts he’s written here on our blog. We are also very excited to host our very first Twitter author chat!  The first will be held on Feb. 8 at 12:00pm EST. We will hold a second chat that day at 3:00pm EST. These chats will allow you to ask Jim anything that you want about his writing habits, his inspirations, or what he likes to do on the weekends. Make sure you’re following us on Facebook and Twitter as we’ll be sure to post reminders and important information about these chats.


This is an exciting time for The Story Plant as we expand our reach and make our authors more accessible than ever. We hope you will continue to enjoy the stories our authors bring forth and continue to help us grow.


Happy reading!

Book to Movie Theater…Do you have your ticket?

When Marissa from Grand Central Publishing/The Hachette Book Group emailed me, I knew this was BIG!!  Not only BIG, but HUGE and that you would want to know about it.  So without further ado……….drum roll please………………

No. 1 New York Times Best-Selling Author 
Nicholas Sparks Discusses Upcoming Film Safe Haven in Live Cinema Fan EventNCM® Fathom Events and Relativity Media Present One-Night Event with Oscar®-Nominated Director Lasse Hallström, Stars Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough and Author in Select Cinemas Nationwide on Thursday, Jan 17, 2013

Centennial, Colo. – Dec. 20, 2012 – Unveiling a sneak peek into one of the most anticipated film adaptations of 2013, NCM® Fathom Events and Relativity Media present “A Night with Nicholas Sparks’ Safe Haven: Filmmakers, Author and Stars Bring the Book to Life,” broadcast live to select cinemas nationwide on Thursday, Jan. 17, 2013 at 8:00 p.m. ET / 7:00 p.m. CT and tape delayed at 7:00 p.m. MT / 8:00 p.m. PT/Alaska and Hawaii. This special one-night event, broadcast live from LA Castle Studios in Burbank, Calif., will feature the No. 1 New York Times best-selling author Nicholas Sparks in a live discussion and Q&A session with fans about the cinematic adaptation of his best-selling novel, Safe Haven. Moderated by Extra TV host Maria Menounos and featuring appearances from the film’s stars Josh Duhamel (Transformers, Life as We Know It) and Julianne Hough (Rock of Ages, Footloose) as well as Oscar®-nominated director Lasse Hallström (The Cider House Rules), producers Marty Bowen (The Twilight Saga) and Wyck Godfrey (The Twilight Saga), fans will be treated to exclusive clips and behind-the-scenes footage of the eagerly- awaited film.

Tickets for “A Night with Nicholas Sparks’ Safe Haven: Filmmakers, Author and Stars Bring the Book to Life” are available now at participating theater box offices and online at For a complete list of theater locations and prices, visit the NCM Fathom Events website (theaters and participants are subject to change). The event will be broadcast to more than 500 select movie theaters across the country through NCM’s exclusive Digital Broadcast Network.

“This event promises to be an exciting new way to connect with fans around the country – a first for me and the talented creative team behind Safe Haven,” said Sparks. “I can’t wait to talk about the unique collaboration with Josh and Julianne, who transformed the characters in my book into living people whose loves and losses will come to life soon on the big screen. It’s been a privileged experience working with Lasse, Marty and Wyck on this film and now my readers will have a chance to share in that experience as well.”

Safe Haven will be distributed by Relativity Media in theaters nationwide on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2013. When a mysterious young woman (Hough) arrives in a small North Carolina town, her reluctance to join the tight-knit community raises questions about her past. Slowly, she begins putting down roots, and gains the courage to start a relationship with Alex (Duhamel), a widowed store owner with two young children. But dark secrets intrude on her new life that she is forced to rediscover the meaning of sacrifice and rely on the power of love in this deeply moving romantic thriller. The film is directed by Oscar®-nominated Lasse Hallström, based on the novel by Sparks from a screenplay by Dana Stevens and Gage Lansky and also stars Cobie Smulders (The Avengers) and David Lyons (J.J. Abram’s Revolution). Bowen, Godfrey, Sparks and Relativity’s CEO Ryan Kavanaugh (The Fighter)served as producers.

“Nicholas Sparks’ books always translate so well to the big screen, including such hits as The NotebookDear JohnThe Last Song – among many others,” said Shelly Maxwell, executive vice president of NCM Fathom Events. “Fans will get a look at how these bestsellers are transformed into blockbusters before Safe Haven hits theaters in February with this special event which features the film’s Oscar®-nominated director and the film’s stars.”

For more information, please check out the Safe Haven movie Facebook and Twitter.

And for more information regarding tickets and the movie, click here.

Nicholas Sparks is the author of 16 books. He lives in North Carolina with his wife and children.
You can visit the author’s web site at www.


When a mysterious young woman named Katie appears in the small North Carolina town of Southport, her sudden arrival raises questions about her past. Beautiful yet self-effacing, Katie seems determined to avoid forming personal ties until a series of events draws her into two reluctant relationships: one with Alex, a widowed store owner with a kind heart and two young children; and another with her plainspoken single neighbor, Jo. Despite her reservations, Katie slowly begins to let down her guard, putting down roots in the close-knit community and becoming increasingly attached to Alex and his family.But even as Katie begins to fall in love, she struggles with the dark secret that still haunts and terrifies her . . . a past that set her on a fearful, shattering journey across the country, to the sheltered oasis of Southport. With Jo’s empathic and stubborn support, Katie eventually realizes that she must choose between a life of transient safety and one of riskier rewards . . . and that in the darkest hour, love is the only true safe haven.



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I do not have any affiliation with or
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Announcement!! Exciting News!

I have some exciting news to share with you!!!  As most of you know, I own Partners In Crime Tours (  A virtual tour company for mystery, suspense and crime novels.  Over the past year, I have had requests for tours that do not fall under PICT’s specialty, and had to refuse them.  Until now!!

Providence Book Promotions (PBP), a subsidiary of Partners In Crime Tours has been established and is being unveiled today.  I invite you to visit our new site at or on Facebook.   PBP will coordinate tours for novels of “general fiction/literature”.  If you would be interested in becoming a tour host/reviewer for Providence Book Promotions, please fill out the form below and send to

Hope to hear from you!

EREADER (yes/no…type):
GENRES ENJOYED: (contemporary, historicals, classic, romance, etc etc) List as many as you want.