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Another Challenge !!!!!!!
Just signed up for my 2nd challenge hosted by Book Chick City. Am definitely looking forward to it. Starts 01/2010 thru 12/2010 and it consists of reading 12 mystery/suspense books (my favorite genre of reads). After the hustle & bustle of the holidays and since I hibernate in the winer (lol) this is going to be fun. Curled up with my afghan, a cup of tea and a good book…..definitely a great challenge!!!

Talk & Thoughts

11/14/09  Bittersweet feelings today…my baby moved out of state today.  I am so very happy for him as he starts a new journey in his life.   But will greatly miss him.  It all hit me last night when we went out to celebrate my older son’s bday and my younger son’s plan to move.  Where did the time go?  It seems like yesterday that they were born.  Emotions flowed when I looked at them and saw the men they have become.  I am so very thankful and proud to see what great kids they were and continue to be.  I love you guys!!  You two are the greatest gifts that God gave me.

11/13/09  Happy Birthday Paul !!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I can’t believe that my first born is 26….just know that I have enjoyed every day.  The best years of my life were when you and your brother were young.  And seeing both of you grow into becoming great, fantastic, caring men makes me proud.  Love you !!!!!

11/12/09 EXCITING NEWS….Visit to enter into a GREAT giveaway……a KINDLE 2.  I just entered and entry is easy.   My son’s gf is just like me when it comes to books…always has one at hand.  Since hubby just bought me an ereader, I would give it to her.  Keeping my fingers crossed.  Visit ASAP for this fantastic giveaway

11/12/09  It has been an emotional and physically rough week to say the least.  Surgery for a nerve stimulator was booked for next week and then cancelled.  I was hoping that this least invasive surgery was going to decrease my spinal pain and was so excited that it would mean only a few more days to withstand the pain.  But then the doctor was not sure if it could be done due to the inability to position me on the OR table because of the hardware that is presently in my spine.  So back to square one.  However with some research and help from the manufacturer we have found another doctor out of state that may be able to do the surgery.  Now I have to wait while he reviews all my records.  AND then this morning I boot up my computer and there is an email that I have won the Mindhunter Triology by Kylie Brant from Bookin’ With Bingo blog site.  I was so excited.  My mantra is “everything happens for a reason”.  Stumbling upon book blogs a few months ago and reading has helped me in getting through many painful days.  Thank you Karen at Bookin’

11/08/09  Thinking that I have my new blog done….for now… unless anyone has suggestions.  Thoughts on my new Sony ereader (PRS600).  At first I was disappointed not holding a book, turning pages, the smell of a new book and the overall feelings of a book in hand.  But that soon changed.  I liked the touch screen, the ability to adjust font size,  keeping track of the page I stopped reading at (no dog ears, which I didn’t do often,or having my bookmark fall out and trying to find where it was),  the weight of the reader especially when reading in bed, the features (dictionary, notes, portability, having books d/l in seconds). After reading a book on the ereader, I then started reading a HC that I had won from a favorite blog and I wished it was in ereader format.  The price of books to d/l are approx 1/2 of what paperbacks cost and in researching, public libraries are now offering d/l as if I were to check out a book.  I try to pass my books on or donate and the fact that the clutter of having so many books is another nice feature.  Since I will be having multiple surgical procedures in the coming months, which is why my hubby ordered it for me, my ereader will be getting a lot of use.  The only feature that I  I don’t like is that there is no back light which makes it difficult to read when reading in bed.  However, I have ordered a light that attaches which was not expensive.  Overall,  I am very happy with the reader.

11/05/09  Thank You Karen from Bookin’ With Bingo for taking the time to visit.  Getting there with my new blog look…learning as I go.  My next goal will be to get involved with my favorite blog sites’ challenges and gathering buttons, etc.

11/04/2009  I am enjoying visiting my favorite blogs.   I am trying to learn how to get a new blog setup.  It is definitely harder than I thought.  This is going to be a challenge for me but I am going to keep trying.

10/19/09  Am so excited!! Yesterday my hubby ordered a gift for me, that being a Sony ereader.  I am moving forward in this technological world.  Can’t wait to get my hands on it.  THEN figure out how it works lol.  After reading a review on “Reading At The Beach” of Karen Rose, “I Can See You”, that will definitely be the first ebook.

I am still learning this new world of blogs and blogging.  What I really need is advice in how to find and/or make time to visit my favorite blogs, read my current book faster and find time for the ugly reality of house chores of cleaning, cooking, shopping, laundry, etc, etc.  Thinking that many of the seasoned bloggers know but I haven’t seen or found their secrets yet.  But I am determined to find out lol.  I am sooo addicted.

WooHoo!!!!!!!! I am in business LOL.  I have my first follower.  Thank you Reading At The Beach !!!!!!!!