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As you may have noticed, I have not participated in any memes this week, except one, memes that I have so much fun doing, and one of the reasons, I went public with my blog.  But I have been been at the Nursing Home from morning until late in the night, sitting by my Mom’s bedside holding her hand, trying to squeeze in  every moment that I have left with her.  Sitting there, reflecting, recalling memories and sharing them with Mom, hoping that she hears me.  I only leave to come home, get a couple of hours of sleep and then publish posts that I had drafted in advance for commitments I had made.  She is comfortable, another reason I don’t want to leave, because if I do see any discomfort on her face, I know which medication she is in need of and report it to the nurse.  The staff has been phenomenal both to her and me.  There are good people in this world.  One aide, who my mother used to call “her angel” was on vacation this week, but one would never know.  She has been in every night doing my Mom’s care.  Another aide, came in on her day off just for my Mom.  That’s caring and compassion.  They have brought a recliner in the room for me to make me comfortable due to my back as I was sitting in a metal folding chair from 10am to 11pm.  This week, my blog will also be on hiatus, posting only those that I have previously agreed to.  I know my blog will be here when I return, right now, my Mom and our time together is my priority.

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  1. Take all the time you have with your mom – my best friend is doing the same sort of thing with her mom now. Mine is on the slippery slide between managing and needing care…she lives here on our 7 acres in her own home. My son and I are here and take care of what needs she has. Life is short. Life is precious, hugs to you, remember to eat! Pam in Janesville, CA

  2. Savor every moment with your mom. I am glad to hear she is getting such wonderful, compassionate care and both of you have a good support system. I have been thinking of you and keeping you and your mom in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. That was a beautiful post Cheryl, enjoy the time that you have with your Mom. My thoughts and prayers go out to you both and to your family.

    Kathy Anderson
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  4. I did the same thing when my Mother-in-law was in the hospital and nursing home. I am so glad I took the time to be with her. So take all the time you can to be with her, we all understand.

  5. I understand that being with your mom is all that matters right now. I will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers. My mom is 89 and doing pretty well. I spent a lot of time with her. She is my best friend.

  6. Be grateful for this quiet time with your mother in her hour of need. You have your priorities straight. You and your mother will be in my prayers. Rae

  7. Oh my gosh, that's amazing, and too sad all at the same time! Hugzzz to you and prayers & hugs for Mom! Luv U Lil Sis! Be brave you have so much to savor!

  8. You only have one Mom in this life and nothing is more important than being with her right now. Your blog will still be here and we'll still be here. I know this is a really difficult time for you emotionally but your faith and inner strength along with your wonderful family will see you through. {{hugs}}

  9. You hear so many horror stories about nursing homes, so I'm glad that your mom is in a good one with a compassionate staff. You and your mother are in my thoughts and prayers.

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