Sunday Salon-Happy Father’s Day and Acupuncture


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Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads, especially my dear hubby, Steve who will be on the golf course today with our oldest son!!  Which means a nice quiet day for me lol.  However, I will be taking time to remember memories of my Dad, who passed when I was just 16.

Another week has flown by but looking forward to the first day of summer this coming Wednesday.  So how was your week?  Here’s a recap of mine:

Reading:  I finished 2 books, Banal by Vincent Zandri (a short story) and Chique Secrets of Dolce Amore by Barbara Conelli and am currently reading Tumbleweeds by Leila Meacham.


I also received a couple of books that I am looking forward to reading but will showcase those tomorrow in Mailbox Monday meme.

Blogging:  This past week was busy with hosting 3 guest authors and 4 giveaways.  Don’t leave without checking the sidebars for current giveaways, in case you see one of interest and you would like to enter.  Also posted are the giveaways that will begin this week.  And I have 4 authors visiting that will be introducing their latest books to us.

Real Life:  I tried something this week that I thought I never would have thought of.  And it was definitely the high point of my week.  Being a former nurse, I was always of the mindset of traditional medicine but my son had a session and said that he thought of me after he went because of my chronic pain.  So a few weeks ago, he made an appointment for the 2 of us for this past Thursday.  It was for acupuncture (that is not me in the image).  I drove to his house, he lives one state over 60+min drive, and then went to the office for our appointments.  I was utterly amazed!!!  Mark, the acupuncturist did a brief verbal intake, then took my pulse but not the usual 15-60 second count but for a couple of minutes and was able to tell me what was wrong and he nailed it on everything….scary!!  He then proceeded to insert the needles, painless, down my back, both sides of my spine, down my legs, and in my stomach area.  I stayed lying on my side for approx 30 min. and then he removed all the needles.  After my last 2 back surgeries in 2010, unknowingly, part of my lower spine collapsed and healed in a kyphotic (bent) position, which I am mechanically unable to stand straight.  When I sat up and then got off the table and stood up, I was standing at least at an 80 degree angle, which normally is like 70.  And I was even able to move with more flexibility. First time in 2 years.  And if that wasn’t enough I then spent the best part of the evening, taking Paul out to supper and spent some quality time with my oldest.  And then it was time to drive home.  Since then I have also been able to sleep straight through the night, whereas before, I am usually up multiple times due to the pain and have had to take less pain pills during the day.  I am now looking forward to my next appointment.  

Has anyone else had acupuncture?  What did you think?  And even if you haven’t, do you think you would consider it?  I am being totally honest in saying, if it wasn’t for Paul, I would never have tried it, but so glad I did.

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