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Today’s question:
I read an article, this past week, about book covers, and the difference between print & digital covers; about how the digital covers have almost disappeared entirely, while publishers decide to just skip right to the content.
What do you think about this? Do you think the book cover is “dead”? Do you care whether the “covers” on digital books exist or not?

My answer:
Oh how I hope this isn’t true!!  Before blogging/reviewing, covers are what drew me when I would be either on a book buying errand and/or when looking for books at our local library.  After blogging/reviewing, covers are still important but not as much when deciding on a personal purchase compared to the plot and/or a blogger’s review.

Since the majority of books I read are sent to me from authors, publishers, publicists, etc, again it is the synopsis as to if I accept a book to review not the cover.  However, once I receive a print edition from the above, I do tend to judge the cover.  I also like seeing the cover of my current read when it is sitting on my table next to my reading chair, on my nightstand or when holding the book reading.  Like my current read, which I love the cover:

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As for the EReader, I disagree with the writer of the article.  He mentions how the reader skips over everything to get to page 1.  I don’t.  I, even if I have to go back many pages, I always start a digital version from the cover page.  It is probably an idiosyncrasy of mine, but it doesn’t “feel” right not starting a book from the cover page.  But I do agree with him, that after that one look at the cover, I tend to forget about it.   Definitely a drawback with EReaders, if one is a visual reader, like me.  I wish that when I do pick up my Kindle to continue reading, instead of the page I’m on opens up, I wish it could be designed that the cover is shown once I turn it on and then go to the last page read.  Hmmm…maybe I should write to the person who designs/programs/whatever and whomever is in charge of this and aks/suggest if this could be done????!!!!

What do you think about covers?  Do you think covers will “die” in the future?  And do you think it is either a good idea and/or would like to see my suggestion implemented?

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7 thoughts on “Monday Memes

  1. I sure hope covers don’t die!!! I love to look at book covers. They are what draw me in or repulse me. Tumbleweeds cover is truly beautiful. Have a good week, Cheryl, and happy reading.

  2. I think that is an excellent idea. In fact I would like it to start at the cover and then you would ‘open’ the book and be taken to where you left off. One more ‘flick’ but it would save the beautiful covers.

  3. I am like you with the e-reader books, I back up to the cover and page through to page 1. I like to check the copyright date, anything anyone says about the book, and who it is dedicated to. I guess we have some of the same idiosyncrasies. ; )

  4. I noticed that about my Kindle when I got it. It automatically goes to page 1. Well, I want to see the cover and so that’s what I do before I start reading. I agree with you. It should start at the cover every time, just like a real book. Hey, you might be on to something there!

    Hope you enjoy your books!

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