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I thought this would be a fun meme to participate in.  So here goes…my first time joining in.  Care to join me?  Click above.

From Kathy’s site:
Each week I will pick 5 questions off of my author interview lists to answers.
I invite you to share your answers to these questions as well. You can share them as a comment on this post or share them on your own blog and link up to this post.

This Week’s Questions:

What is the kindest thing anyone has done for you?
I have been blessed in this area.  There have been so many times, that family and friends, have been kind to me that it would be unfair if I just named a couple.  However, I will mention one that happened recently, which brought me to tears.  As some of you know, my youngest son is getting married  this year, which is taking place out-of-state.  A few weeks ago I received a surprise text from my future d-i-l.  When I opened it, it was a picture of her trying on wedding gowns and asking what I thought.  The fact that she thought of me in wanting to share this special day, brought me to tears.  She is going to make a beautiful bride.
What is most memorable about your high school years?
Being with friends, my 11th grade English teacher (we had to read/review a book every week), travelling abroad twice, getting my driver’s license.  However, there was an event that overshadowed my HS years, and that was the loss of my father.
Have you ever gotten up early for a “black Friday sale”?
LOL…never have..never will
Were you named after anyone?
Would you bungee jump, skydive or something similar?
Another LOL…since I have a fear of heights, that will never happen!

10 thoughts on “Know Me Better

  1. That’s sweet that she thought of you! Hope everything goes well with the wedding!
    I wasn’t here last week, is this your second KMB? Welcome, it’s a fun meme! I like to read everyone’s answers. We are all so different and we still have things in common.

  2. Congratulations on the up-coming wedding. My daughter got married last summer and it dominated a good half year with planning and preparations. I am glad that your son is marrying such a thoughtful girl.

  3. How wonderful of your future DIL. As the mother of the bride to be , I have been very sensitive to include her future MIL in the planning and details. I have two sons and know I want to be included.

  4. How sweet! I probably would’ve reacted the same way if my sons didn’t marry the daughter-in-laws from hell! I thought I only had one. Well, it turns out I have 2 1/2. The one dil that hasn’t been living with my sun for the last seven years I believe.. don’t quote me it might be longer, and then of course the girlfriend he’s been living with for the last six years. grrrrrr You bungy jumping hahahahahahahahahahaha Me bungy jumping bwahahahahahahaha

  5. Sky diving and bungee jumping are way above my comfort zone. I would be leery of doing either.
    Congrats on the wedding. I love attending these events.

  6. It is lovely that your future daughter in law thought enough of you to share. I hope your son and his bride will be very happy together.

    As for the bungee jumping and etc… I agree… never gonna happen!

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