A POUND OF FLESH by Alex Gray (Review & Giveaway)

Genre: Mystery & Detective
Published by: Witness Impulse
Publication Date: November 7th 2017
ISBN13: 9780062659224
ISBN: 0062659227
Pages: 368
Review Copy From: Harper Collins
Edition: ARC
My Rating: 5

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In the depths of a freezing winter, Glasgow finds itself at the mercy of not one, but two serial killers.

This is Detective Inspector Lorimer’s worst nightmare and beyond anything he’s faced in his many years on the force. Can he find a link between the brutal slaying of prostitutes in the back streets of the city and the methodical killing of several unconnected businessmen?

When the latest victim turns out to be a prominent Scottish politician, the media’s spotlight is shone on Lorimer’s investigation. Psychologist and criminal profiler Solly Brightman is called in to help solve the cases, but his help may be futile as they realize that someone on the inside is leaking confidential police information. Meanwhile two killers haunt the snowy streets and Lorimer must act fast, before they strike again…

My Thoughts and Opinion:

Alex Gray has done it again!!!

As you will see, I am addicted to this series. I still have a few that I need to read but so far I have read and reviewed THE RIVERMAN, PITCH BLACK, GLASGOW KISS, FIVE WAYS TO KILL A MAN, SLEEP LIKE THE DEAD and THE SWEDISH GIRL are in my TBR pile. A POUND OF FLESH is the 9th book in the DCI Lorimer series but easily reads as a stand alone.

DCI Lorimer has been reassigned to the Serious Crimes Squad in the department. The killer of prostitutes, in this 18 month old case, has not been apprehended. Another crime around this time his the murders of men in white Mercedes Benz. This case just became a priority when a high ranking member of Parliment is the next victim. Now a high profile case, the killing of the women is put on the back burner. Are there 2 serial killers on the loose? Or could it be, as the investigation progresses, that these 2 cases have something in common?

(Possible spoiler) Ms. Gray gives the reader a hint that the suspect in the murders of the men who drive white Mercedes is a woman. From that moment on, every female character in the story is now a suspect to this reader. Did I figure it out?

As in all of the books that I have read by this author, there are qualities of her writing that I am quite fond of. Her detailed narrative with the written word is so good that I can vividly imagine the settings and the characters. Her books a captivating to the point that I feel transported into the story and am not aware of my surroundings.

A brilliantly well written novel!! An uninterrupted suspenseful read from the first page to the last. And to answer the question if I figured it out who the murder(s) were, not even close!!!!!

I highly encourage you to read Ms. Gray’s novels. I’m sure you will also become addicted to this series as I am!!!!

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  1. Thanks so much for this fulsome review, Cheryl and I am very glad that you are enjoying the Lorimer series. Plenty more to come!
    Happy reading and best wishes,


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