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Hope everyone survived the holidays. It is definitely going to be a relaxing and reading weekend here. Except for that dirty word we all have to deal with…laundry…wish Santa had taken care of that for me lol. I am also going to try and tweak my site for the upcoming 2010 challenges. I am SO excited and looking forward to this year because of all the challenges I have signed up for.

Relax and Read Weekend

I was wondering about other bloggers… your blog theraputic for you as it is for me? I wake every morning looking forward to reading my newsletters, checking my blog and then visiting my favorite blogs. Also wondering if after time that the enjoyment continues at the level I am feeling at this time? I sure hope so.

Have a great weekend !!!


3 thoughts on “Talk & Thoughts

  1. My blog is very relaxing and enjoyable for me. I never expected to love blogging this much when I began 18 months ago. (call me addicted now)…LOL

    Good luck with your 2010 challenges; I signed up for 10!

  2. Blogging is my therapy. It is a cheap release and allows for adult interaction. For me being a stay at home mom is so confining. we olny have one car. That makes it hard.

  3. I am so glad to hear that this new found enjoyment will last!! I am disabled due to severe chronic spinal pain, as a result of 3 prior fusion surgeries, where some days just doing minor household chores is difficult. Next week I have an appt to see if I am a candidate for a nerve stimulator implant. Even though this is a 2 part surgical procedure, if it decreases the pain even 25% I will be happy. This new hobby has helped me on those days where the pain is excruciating.
    Diane: good luck on your challenges. I have signed up for one you are hosting.
    Ms. Sarah: I was a stay at home mom also. Hang in there because it goes by so fast and down the road you will see how rewarding. My boys are now 26 & 23.
    Thank you for commenting. I love comments

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