Vanished by Joseph Finder (won from The Book Trib)  (Rating–5)
Synopsis:  Nick Heller, former Special Ops now working in PI Private Sector receives a call for help from Gabe, his nephew.  Gabe’s stepfather, Roger and Nick’s estranged brother, has vanished and his mother has been attacked and is in the hospital.  Nick not close to his brother or his father, who is in prison for securities fraud, takes a leave of absence to help investigate what has happened to his brother Roger.  Even though their relationship has been strained for years, blood is thicker than water or is it?
Thoughts: This was a heart pounding suspense from a personal level to private sector and all the way up the chain to the government level.  Every turn was a surprise right down to the last page.  This was the first book I read by Joseph Finder and it won’t be my last. Thoroughly enjoyed.
(Challenges:  Reading From My Shelf, Thriller/Suspense, Books Won & 100+)

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  1. Razlover: Thank you for your comment. It was a good book!! Suspense/mystery has always been my favorite genre. And usually can figure out the "who done it" by the last few chapters but not this read. Right down to the last couple of pages, I still had no idea!!!!

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